Team building help

is there a way i can incoporate in my other legendaries? they are all at 100% just waiting to be 6stared, thanks btw

If you ran

Leaf starter
Flutter blue
Flutter Holy
Holy purifier
Green mythic

That would incorporate all of them except Nox and Scorpion. Use the holy Flutters pair ability to sacrifice the sun and trigger its ability to sleep some monsters. That would activate retribution too on the leaf starter.
Or sacrifice the leaf starter after accelerate for stun

Then run the green mythic strat we talked about. It may be worth throwing in a 4 star rockoid sacrifice dude somewhere. Or you could have a few low cost monsters at the end and not worry about throwing them

Run dark at the end and put Nox in. Use the SE and maybe dreadgar if you’re struggling for cost. Use the dark SE and Reven will also help this


If you get another sleep immune monster. Get Yetikong from monster hunting and run the sleep immune and scorpion (but only after the next update :blush:)


Run a dark FL with Nox and Reven

whatabout this?

ive been running a dark FL with mythic scorpion, nox, shadowbaron, blightwrym. ( mainly uses OoO synergy w scorpion to stack kills and blightwrym has survivor and double desperate also. would it be better to put the dark synergies at the back instead?

not sure abt the order yet. the two cost fireant has sacrifice summon and sleep should i use it?

Looks ok! Give it a go

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Yeah because if Green gets rolling it’s going to need food. If it doesn’t then sleep :blush:

You definitely need a few more guys though. Bitterbeast at the end will help

can i get bitterbeast from the “elian can find love” story? his face is on the cover lol

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oh nvm i read it, thanks!!

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Hi everyone,

So i’ve been playing for a few months now.
Can you guys give me some pointers with my current monsters on what the best set ups I could use.

To add, I’ve unlocked the secret skill on my Celestrion


Generally you don’t need to post your entire monster pool… mythics through SEs are enough. I don’t see a major trend emerging among your current options, except maybe stun. Mostly it’s just monsters that kill rather well, so you won’t need to go micromanaging your strategies just yet, anything at least remotely resembling a competent team structure will do really. I’ll just offer a few pointers:

  • Make sure you’re ALWAYS keeping yourself protected from stun. Gearcroc and Morselmon(preferably evolved at least once) will do excellently, make sure you’re using them a lot. Make use of the SE tanks too; they’re solid all around support that you can never go wrong with. 3-4 absorbers is usually a good guideline, fewer are needed if you have plenty of stun immunes though.

  • You’ve got lots of solid stunners: Husking, Celestrion, Galv, Electri, and Thordragon. (evolve Beetler and Octor and give them a try btw, stun bomb is nasty) I’d recommend building around that. Bring a couple of protect/sleep killers so you can get the stun absorbing protectors out of the way quickly, or try using Carnofrost’s knock back to simply push them off the field. And just generally try to prioritize stun immunes and stun absorbers, keep them exposed to your onslaught of stun. Remember that if an enemy is stunned to 200-300 seconds, it might be a good idea to just let it sit there and waste a slot, rather than kill it and let another take its place.

  • You’ve also just barely got the makings of a link holy team I think. Both Prismaryx and Mojinator have crazy strong secret skills that can only be used if you have a strong holy presence in your team. It’s a pretty big investment, but it can pay off big time; it’s up to you if you want to use your silver on that or help out burns and your good SEs.

  • Evolution/SS priority: evolve Mantlejaw soon as you can, that thing is ridiculous especially with its SS. here’s how I’d prioritize secret skills, from best to least:

    • Mantlejaw
    • Mojinator(maybe)
    • Prismaryx(maybe)
    • Valzareign
    • Burns
    • Nox
      A special case I should mention btw… the regular super epic sleepers(like Deucalizon) are arguably better in their second forms than ultra evolved, since their sleep move is more reliable for high priority targets as opposed to general, unreliable crowd control. Honestly it used to be no contest before the 3rd form was given immunities… if it’s stun immune, then it might be worth ultra evolving after all. And you do have the vastly superior Rosempress anyway… at the very least just something worth considering I suppose.
  • Galvbane is widely considered the best of the 4 starters, but the other 3 aren’t half bad either. Would recommend trying them out at some point. Rexkong is very good at disrupting enemy FL setups with his ability to deal critical damage absurdly early in the battle. Wolfrozor lacks good damage yet boasts very low TUs, so he can apply constant pressure as well as heal off of hg to take extra hits. And Viridizardon is just good all around, supporting with accelerate(highly underrated move in my opinion), and constantly threatening the enemy with retribution and bite. I would recommend holding off on using them to evolve Chronozar until you’ve prepared a second set. (neat little hack btw: use epic potions on the starters before they evolve, they essentially take the role of SE potions; same with chrono before making him a legend)

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Thank you @Lucrayzor, that’s an amazing amount of help and gives me great food for thought on some teams and strategy’s to try out.
Much appreciate you taking the time to write that up for me :blush:

I need some ideas for a good PvP and PvE team.

Consider trying

Flutter blue
Drax (mythic)
Auto protector

5th flutter purple (AP)

Enjoy Drax AP feast, clear stun absorbing protectors with it. Pair stun gun everything else with flutter blue. This will give the mythic charging time. Also I se the other flutter to GT to the mythic. (Also make clones)

Even if the stun gun is difficult because the AP stays on the field it still buys your charging mythic time.


run Stratus FL with flutter blue to try and get the 400 sec bomb.

Get a Galvbane and a Bitterbeast ASAP too @zakster78

Also try to get more monsters before seriously grinding out PvP

Thanks a lot man, but I feel that my team will have to be split into two or three metas, so how should I finish of the rest of the team? @LemonSqueezy

You need a few more monsters imo. Try stun bombers midgame, not to attack the stunned monsters but to allow your other guys clean up the non stunned monsters. You want 3 stunned to oblivion and then you keep killing the 4th.

Run Valza between mid and end game to help pick off the remaining unstunned monster.

Use the healing stunning dragon :dragon: to heal Valza.

Run a 400 sec megabomb panda and stratus end game. Save the healing dragon until the panda is in. Then when panda’s in, heal all to bring in status and then try a quick OoO

Valza is positioned so it can removed any poison.


Run Stratus panda first

Then stunbombing midgame game

Then the FL I mentioned can be end game.

The latter is probably easier to pull off

Massive help mate cheers

Hi I’m a pretty new player(2 months) and I would like some help to make a good ultimate challenge team here are my monsters my pupua is poisomoth and I am a F2P Thank you

@LemonSqueezy :eyes: