New mythic at new event

Sadly i wasnt able to ‘copy’ it with atra… U will find it at battle 9 easiest stage …

What i saw so far:
Raw faststrike
Give turn

Auto overwatch (doesnt Trigger after poison tick, only after Active move)
Triple entrance (3 rockoids)

Question is why are these people out for revenge i dont know any of them.

Im curious about that too :joy:

Sounds like a fun event you’re all lucky to enjoy…

Moking stealing npc teams lol. Become orginal dude

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Yes, it is the team of moking :sweat_smile:

I am trying, but i am Not very good at teambuilding :frowning:

I read the introduction it seems some guy named Randolph was kidnapped.

Me: give me my gems and you can keep Randolph.

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This is one of the most bizzare events yet. Good showcase for the new mythics though.

Ferdi… why the name is not there is beyond me.

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD Please add auto play to all pve events. Don’t wanna do the first levels


@Unown Create a Novadrake AoE spam team already :stuck_out_tongue:

@Dev_VKC This event was a perfect way to showcase mythics and to preview and upcoming monster. Just a week or two ago people were chatting on Line saying how they really appreciate it when we get a story event and it gives us a sneak peak at something. It would be great if we had little previews of upcoming monsters more often. Even slipped into a SCB would spread some excitement.

That doesn’t make the team play automatically. What i want is to put the phone away while I play another app

For anyone who isn’t able to complete this event and see the final cut scene. Looks like for the anniversary next month we’ll be getting another story event where we actually get Randolph back.

1st anniversary was a mafia showdown between two sons where one made a robot penguin (The Penguinator) to counter The Godfeather. Looks like we’re getting another mafia-like storyline here featuring the Mafia gorilla thing Dev_VKC has as an icon…


Whaat!? :scream: A grey and yellow suit with bananas on them… thats so cool :heart_eyes::heart_eyes_cat:

I hate to tell you its just a dream…

The annoying old man is still here.

Devs should had lily get kidnapped because why would i go after Randolph.


974B4F6EE118D89559D8CD332D72C969 :joy:

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If they did that who would give us instructions for ShowDowN tower :thinking:

You would go for Randolph cuz he has your lunch :joy: