Swallow vs Tardi Cannon

It’s a little crazy that these moves function (in almost all scenarios) identically yet one is 200tu and the other is 50tu, right? If capy was way way better than tardi I could see it, but I honestly think Tardi is probably better overall.

I’d suggest to drop the swallow tu to 50.

If not, drop it to 100 or so, but give capy a second passive or something.

This isn’t a nerf Tardi thread, I think he’s perfect as is. Capy should just get a little boost I think.


They don’t function the same.
Have you tried using tardi cannon on a low hp enemy, Just to bypass his HG?
Well you will not recover much of life.
Swallow instant cure you, no matter what you swallow.

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That doesn’t justify a 150tu difference though, especially in a one shot meta.

That scenario you described has maybe happened three times in the history of the game haha

Bro I was not arguing on the balance fact.
Just stated that they are not exactly the same thing.

Capy buff ? Ummmmmmmmmm interesting that someone thinks capy isn’t scary enough

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A tardi on 1 hp will be very eager to grab any amount of health he can get his hands on, no matter how small. In fact bringing him from 1 hp to 2 would result in him requiring 2 separate 600+ attacks, when ignoring piercing. So even if it heals very little, tardie cannon is still very much doing its job imo.

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That’s why 50 sec is really low for a monster like Tardi. 80 would be appropriate.

I’ve always thought 200TU on Capybaragon’s SS is a bit much. Making it 100TU would be a lot nicer and maybe increasing the monster cost to 16 (from 15) if necessary.

That’s what she said


Or rather that’s what he said to her

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Or what your mum said

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