Survival of the Fittest Discussion

I thought it would be nice just to have a permanent thread for each ongoing event so that we can keep all the discussion for each event neatly in one place. Here you can seek or share any stories/tips/tricks/information regarding the Survival of the Fittest event. It will remained locked until the event is announced, and I’ll relock it after it ends.

This one is really odd that there is no 6 star evolvable material for a reward. Very disappointing

Why is it that were allowed only 2 legendaries but the challenge puts you up against teams with nothing but legendaries? Totally unreasonable

What level did you start encountering That?

Did they give a 6 star last time?

After my 28th win it put me up against the same guy twice with nothing but legendaries. Broken

Whoa. Well I’m not anywhere near that far but good to know that’s in store for me tomorrow lol.

Lolol i need to learn how to read. It’s one of his darn agents grindin my gears.

This is just the first one I’ve seen without a omegamid as a reward. Yes they have in the other events

Ah I see. I thought you meant 6 star monster as a reward. Ya it is weird there’s no 6 star ingredients.

I hit 29 and someone with a sweettroll and legendaries popped up. Is that all im going to fight from now on? If so im not wasting anymore tickets, im too new for that stuff -_-

Nah I’m on 39 and other than the trainers I’ve only had 1 difficult battle. Heck my 36 battle was easier than most of the ones to that point. I’m rolling with a poison-stun team and bane dragon, Valza, heavenshorn, and galvbane as my sweepers and this has by far been the easiest event to date.

Yeah well i just fought the same exact team again. I think im done with this event lol

That must have been an agent. I just hit one at 40 with a ton of legendaries. He got me with a protected Hellfox double retribution, Raizen double time strike, and then finished me off with a series of bloodthirst.

After 2 more tries I got him with this team. It’s important to take out the protectors and the Aurodragon, and just bite the bullet on Hellfox and Apollorexus early as they’ll just make you pay for trying to save yourself.

Have to say that I’d never choose Valza if I had the chance to pick up just 2 legendaries in a buffed event

I’ll swap him for Santa or Sol, maybe sleep into Warca at some point. At level 42 he’s still oneshotting, he gets a shield entrance, and with all the starters on opposing teams their stun revenge gives him instant turns, and his dual poison touch pairs well with Banedragon.

But, agreed, he isn’t going to be useful much longer.

Yeah he is fine for early levels but imho warca can be much more performing
I picked Soulstealer and Doomengine, ai just can’t handle them

Nice! I hate both of those so much because I don’t have them lol.

I switched to Warca and surrounded him with GT and protecting stun absorbers. He’s mopping the floor with the enemy. Too bad he’s not this effective in PvP :joy:

The shortly after my previous post the starters disappeared from enemy lineups so that stun revenge converter advantage went away.

Sadly i havent played long enough to have any amazing legendaries. I do love my apollorexus though. As of right now this is what im using in the event. Working on finding a pyrromid for for my vulcarexis

Total bs… I only get 2 monsters to 12 of the opponents?? Are you guys kidding me???

You can choose 2 legenderies and the rest od your team are super epics or below.

You dont have to fight with 2 monsters…