Super challenge extreme


Someone who can help me line up for that challenge?

I tried assisted wave with peng nd Sleeep/dream line…nd still im pwned by lethals.

My mons:

Thx for tips with my second omegamid hunt

I think don penguini will do just fine. There’s still the polareon and shinobidragon to worry about, though, so here’s what I’m thinking- if you can, evolve elysion, if not, fine. Do a frontline entirely comprised of purify/healers, then when oniblade one on ones, purify and heal until the four are gone. Then come elysion, barricazor, and a few give turners, and knock them back repeatedly until polareon and shinobidragon are on the field, also make sure there aren’t any stun absorbers. Then wait for your knock backers to die, then set off a bunch of stun bombers and bite away. That’s essentially what I did.

Thank u

mixed ur nd my idea nd clear on first try.