Can you help me to beat the super challen battle (extreme)?

I really want an Omegamid for my ultra Evolution but my game knowledge isn’t good enough for a good Team Setup

My Monsters are

And lots of trash Monsters. Can you give me Tipps or even make a good Setup for me? WoulD be really nice :slight_smile: greetings PeekAboo

Hey there. I don’t know how to place a Foto inn that thread, but it is important that you:

  1. Take out all Recoids
  2. Clone with two monsters One of them MUST/ SHOULD be Lunalord

And then you just:
Attack attack - clone clone so that you have 4 monsters before he has the turn.
He would use survivor and double survivor.

And again again…


Here is an example from “Husaim Gaming”.

He asked for super challenge battle, not an event that’s finished. Protect shadow stalker and have penguini ready for last bite?

Stun bomb/burst then penguin last bite

Err, what about those who don’t have penguini?

They usually can’t win!!unless the team full of leg. :frowning:

No, they still can win if they have Dragaia lol

SS death sentence all, sleep bomb, 400 sec timebomb and lots of stunners worked for me, no penguini (don’t have him, unfortunately).
Oh and make sure the sudden death hits leo, otherwise restart :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost impossible. Currently your team can only get omegamid for level up events

Never heard of the monster. It seems that unless you have legendaries you’ll be unlikely to defeat most of these event battles.

nope not necessary but you need good strategy 

I did it first try quite easily tbh, I just used a night night set up and melted the first half of the team with my FL then the second half my mid stunned them big time

Its just a version of The Godfeather, same move, different element. The Godfeather is lightning and Dragaia is earth. I know you are a new player, just like me last month. But if you did not go too far, you should restart the game to hatch the first egg until you get The Godfeather. Im very tired because whenever i ask people here for a possible strategy to deal with online events, most of them will tell you to use last biters like The Godfeather and Dragaia. Its like they are the ingredients for winning online event. I do not know why so many players could get them easily, i have rerolled 100 times and still could not get them.

I actually started playing several months ago and I’m on the battle after Beritus (which I cannot beat no matter what I do) so certainly am not going to restart. Took long enough just to get to the point I’m at.

I can’t even get past the second battle, let alone the third.

Doesn’t matter how diverse the strategy is or how many changes in strategy occur, a lot can be based on pure luck (i.e. Sleep all missing every monster thus wasting a turn) or better monsters with higher stats and superior skills which enables them to last longer as well as do good damage.

lol with 1 legend from the beginning, you can go very fast in this game. I have played nearly 2 months, but it took me only 10 days to beat Beritus. My Shadowwyrm screwed his entire team. But then i hit the wall in both offline and online mode. They are too hard for a F2P to continue without a last biter. After spending 50 gems that i saved from the start, everything gets better, but i still want a last biter so much.

I only got one legendary about a week or so ago and it’s not good with most of my monsters.

Build around him. Shadowhunter makes atrahasis super easy. 1 bloodthirst and he is dead.

Actually it doesn’t. You can’t sleep him at the beginning due to the poison (and tbh he seems to be immune to sleep anyway as I was never able to make him sleep) and shadowhunter ends up dead by the time bloodthirst kicks in. Bloodthirst also requires you to kill monsters to make it stronger.

I was down to my last 3 monsters and just managed it with survivor by another monster.

No, not dreamhunt. Dreamhunt 2 other monsters, then bloodthirst him. Bloodthirst doesn’t require him to be asleep.