Super Challenge Battles 2.0

Ok bro no plobrem don’t waste time of yours.

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It’s pretty easy if u have geartyrant and goldtail with a stun lock…purpie maybe too

I have geartyrant let me try it .

Remember to stun em to another world btw…i wish i had a geartyrant too ._. and gl

I completed it once just now not with geartyrant but with my atrahasis (I play a lot of pve therefore I bought it)

Atrahasis is op also got an aurodragon from necromancy and I had a lot of fun
Sorry for deviating the thread btw

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Your remaining reinforcements alone can beat such teams.

@IGN_PREM maybe u will like it…tried it without dr and geartyrant…was pretty fun


Nice one I don’t have cresendo strike monsters only Shiva dragon

Here i lack shivadragon lol…also swordragon aka excalibur


I don’t get these challenges. FOUR monsters to do a SCB? Get this, I use SIXTEEN of them. FOUR times as much. So yeah, get on my level y’all :sunglasses:


(interference when jelly over novadrake and bloomeluga…he goes to tsundere mode)

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How do you check enemy monsters stats in battle?

Click on their icons in the turn queue during combat. You can’t do this in PvP however, not even with your monsters

Thanks a lot, yeah I was thinking so

But you can’t do that in PvP

I wanted to challenge myself with something really special this time! 4 monster challenge with 3 SE + 1 Epic!