Super challenge battle new system rewards

Just found this. Is it a new system reward? it seems cool to play super challenge lv1…2…3 but the exp reward look so poor :frowning:

Yes, we separate Super Challenge Battles into Level1 and Level2 in order to let more players to enjoy this event.

It is the same for veterans.

Really like the new SCB. Will def help newer players, but still not challenging enough for some of the veterans though. Managed to beat it using my Sleep PvP team, without too many issues.

I would like to see a 3rd level though, with some really good prizes. It needs to be seriously challenging and keep me busy for at least 4-6 days, not 4-6 min  :smiley:

I like this new one as well. Actually addition of increasingly difficult for better rewards for ingredient would be nice. Omni, grail, vorabook, etc…

Yeah that’s a great idea

Good idea for begginer but older players its just boring. 6 matches instead of 3, while every 2 feels excatly the same, with a very small boost.

A harder (very harder) level 3 with better rewards will be really nice

Event looks good. Where is the cryptamid though?


Z19 GaryOak

I really like the idea of a “level 1” and “level 2” difficulty on these battles. It was nice to play the first one where it basically lets you see the monsters in the enemy team while having a more even fight before they get beefed up and you have a serious challenge.

However, as a strong player who does practically every extreme SCB first try with the same team (as I’m sure a fair few others do) I’d suggest that to keep some challenge in there for those who go beyond the “level 2 extreme” you could add a “level 3” just to the extreme difficulty. This difficulty would have the enemies buffed up some more and then have a few more enemies thrown in there (6, say). The extra enemies would be more duplicates of the featured legendaries so it would basically be a bit of fun where we’re having to take down lots of those ones being featured. The reward would not need to be major, just 1 gem. I think for quite a few players they’d love to have a seriously challenging battle like that each week which they fight using their own team and may have to adapt to create good counters to the specific legendaries featured. It shouldn’t take too much extra work to design either since the extra monsters would just be the featured ones. But one thing is it shouldn’t be required to beat in order to complete the achievement for doing SCB (and this should be made clear in-game).