Super Challenge Battle - 22nd Sept 2016 - Extreme

Are you going to post your actual team or just boast? :slight_smile:

I don’t know he is boasting or not but actually he’s right. There is nothing special on enemy’s team.

Well I only just managed to just scrape through, these were my last monsters haha

I am not boasting…just wondering how many of us actually completed this challenge and would like to see screenshots…Moreover everyone has a different combination for their team…I only use 5 legendaries in this team, rest are mostly super epics…

Yup, nothing special.

My team was only made up of super epics

I did with just bronzeshells

Bronzeshells huh? :joy: Troll: ON

That’s funny doc

To be serious: Thats the team i beat the extrem level with

Did it first try, although i picked the wrong team.