Summoning Suggestions?!

I need some help from you guys! I have saved up +7,000 Soul stones and am waiting for an “Astrid fire summoning”

I don’t know if there are any other limited time summons that I should be waiting for, I have heard that Vesh is pretty good.

So my question is: what are some limited time summons that I should keep an eye out for?

Astrid is the main one.

Rashnaar (only if you get Astrid or a lot of ignition units),

The Lucius light guy with counter stance currently featured is pretty good if you have a lot of light units.

Vesh is super strong if you have the means of protecting him.

Really depends on what kind of team you want to make. All the SSR are good with the proper support

One word : stealth !

Always grab every stealth unit u can.

Vonn is the GOAT

Really? To be completely honest I always avoided the stealth ones the most because of how fragile they are!

This was my first summons that I made in the third day of playing. I think I got pretty damn lucky if I do say so myself!

U can’t be more wrong . Sorry to burst ur bubble . But yea the fire warrior is alright .

PS: if u don’t have a SSR yet in ur 3rd pack , consider rerolling

Well summer ludmilla took stealth to a new level but without her it’s gonna be hard to build a top tier stealth team for now.

So I think u better grab sleep monsters . They are pretty reliable ATM.