Summer of trials help

How to beat summer of trials stage 77?

P.S. By this stage all enemy monsters are SSR and level above 80 which makes it almost impossible to beat unless you own 2 or 3 hight level SSR.Whats the use of devs offering reward of 200 gems but most of new and mediocre players can’t reach it?

Yeah it is a little rough. I have two SSR but was only able to beat all 90 levels primarily relying on the mercenary that was provided. My suggestion is find an Astrid mercenary and protect her so she can sweep. That is what I did.


Also at second glance I would suggest you ultra evolve your monsters (which is pretty obvious). I have similar monsters and the lightning dragon and beryx ultra evolved were also very helpful for me with the final levels.

Did you get something extra for completing all 90 stages?

No, only the 200 soul gems. Rewards weren’t super great. I think from where your at I got an extra 120-160 gems on top of the 200.

You could use mercenary SSRs to win the last 10 matches easy.

I beat all 90 with only 2 SSRs, Rissette and Vesh, and I rarely had to use vesh, who is my 8 slot.

It’s all about strategy