Suggestions for PVP line-up

Obviously as the title states I’m just asking for some help with my PVP line up, I’ve been playing for just about 5-6 days now. I’ve been to the Masters league a few times and then just got bumped down and have been back and forth since then. No real strategy to my team I just put a bunch of Arks randomly or where I think it would be smart to put them.

What I currently have at the moment:

Arkwing (S)

Nilomoth (B)

Pyrowyrm (E)

Triphoon (S)

Bouldon (A)

Snowja (S)

Magmawyrm (E)

Ventowyrm (E)

Plasmorex ©

Shadowlance (D)

Typhonwyrm (E)

Omegawyrm ©

Angelon (S)

Tremorback (S)

(Don P) (S)

What Arks do you suggest I try to farm or what rearrangements should I do. I’m thinking my Wyrms should be further back?

Replace Bouldon with Halopard and keep him next to triphoon. Also, throw a gremknight in the beginning, and also a chopperbug and maybe raioh