My PvP team so far!!!

In order…

Luxknight C
Barricadus B
Gremknight A
Dreadwolf D
Subzeratops S
Plasmorex A
Shadowlance A
Coldheart A
Leviathan A
Arkwing S
Typhonwyrm E
Magmawyrm E
Omegawyrm S
Angelon C
Don Penguini S

Any pointers on how to fix it or any arks I may need to add/remove???

I might recomend putting this in to be honest. =D Hope this helps

Thanks!!! I did

How’s your team treating you as I have a very similar team

It gets me to expert but I always seem to lose whenever I come across new non released arks. But pretty good for what it is.

Well I’m no expert in pvp. But my current setup has me at masters with a 10 streak win. I don’t have any egg arks at all. I’d say put all the wyrms at the very end expet omega. Move it up. Also put Angelon middle front. I’d also loose the gremknight but I’m guessing you have it because it works for you. Just mess around with it and see what works for you. I was in an incredible loosing streak before my current setup.

Dragons next to each other = death by dracobane

Angelon in the middle front means that you lose the opportunity to increase the speed of Omegawyrm and Don Penguini if they are at the end. Then your opponent chooses to either get crushed by No Guard+Terminate, Vengeance, or Showdown.

Gremknight is useful as a haste ark and has a very strategic moveset. It’s a good monster to have.

Nevertheless, certain strategies work for some people. Gratz on the streak.

Listen to this guy as I hear he’s ok;). But thanks I do need to change it up a bit as my last two wins I’ve gotten lucky on multiple chain moves with the Don. Thanks for the pointers.

Don Penguini on the last position ist very nice, won my very first 3 battles with him :slight_smile:

i suggest having a starter at the end with don and if you have another starter than another because no matter whos the last will be able to use last stand

That’s the long and short of it.

*Spread out your dragons to reduce the odds of getting Dracobane’d to death.

*Separate Dreadwolf/Subzeratops, Shadowlance/Plasmorex, and Coldheart/Leviathan, so opponents can’t abuse chain attacks.

*Keep Angelon+Penguini in the back to abuse Showdown. Ignore the bit above about the starters; Last Stand is NOT the same as Showdown.

*Try to get a higher rank Angelon, since it makes good use of multiple turns.

*Personally, I like Barricadus later in the lineup, since there’s a better chance you’ll get to kill your opponent’s Luxknight/Shadowlance before they tear your Barricadus apart. There are some merits to having it early though; try both, see what works for you.

*Consider moving Shadowlance close to the end. With Gremknight up front, you can Knockback an early Barricadus if necessary, and ensure you have Shadowlance available to kill it later.

*On a related note, I’d recommend moving Gremknight out of the first three. If your opponent gets the first turn, they’ll often try to kill it before it can use Haste or Knockback. Put it 4th or something, so it can come in after your opponent gains high TU from a big attack.

And yeah, of course everyone has the same lineup. There’s only about 20-25 non-egg monsters in the game worth using at all (and less if you don’t have access to all the OM monsters). With everyone picking 15 out of the same pool of 20… lol.