Mythic 7 star ticket trade?

Was just wondering if this is a good idea, discard one of your mythics for a ticket. There’s no way in hell I can awaken the trash limited mythics so why even bother having them? Discarding them for tickets would be a good way to get tickets as it costs something and it’s not spamable because you’ll need lots of them. Besides this allows you to focus on one particular mythic at a time


Yeah the way there doing this is annoying as hell.

I speak from experience Mythics aren’t all that worth it for the cost of money and team.

I would trade a fully awakened mythic lmao

Mmm. I dont see how that makes NTTR money. Thats all that matters.

Therefore your idea will be dually ignored.

Gosh. People really need to stop making suggestions that actually improve the game.

Devs have made it quite clear that they either do not care what we want or no longer have any say in running their game.



This has already been suggested by me long ago and had been rejected. Here is your answer

■■■■ were screwed then

Technically could make nttr money.

People spend to get myths. They concentrate the myths into 1 myth. Repeat. Same amount of spending, more favorable outcome for players.