Suggestion : Make a daily reward login bonus

If u want people to keep playing after their done with everything u need a daily login bonus like first day 200 Silver and 2nd day an ark and so on

Good idea

Sounds good,

I have seen many different games handle this,

to reward active and loyal players.

I love this idea!

I see good and bad here, depending on how its handled. Alot of the games that impliment this type of a reward system are games that are exclusively online play games. They can do this type of a reward system because of that fact. HI advertises itself as a game that does not require an internet connection to play the game, there are online features sure, but the vast majority of the game doesnt require one.

Sure they could just hard code the reward system into the game in an update, making it possible to get the reward system without having to be online. but this is so easy to exploit its childish, and depending on the rewards it could be a huge problem for game balance. And if the rewards are not exclusives or are not things that would break the game, such as giving out only silver, and only Arks that are already catchable arks, then what is the point?

I have played one game that was wasn’t online and had a daily rewards system. Although in the case of that game it was just a random item and there aren’t as many buyable items in HI

Awesome idea!!! I will definitely log in everyday although I already do anyways lol

Sure. Sounds alright to me.

The idea is ofcourse to get an special ark when u logged in Every 5 days in a row. Not to exclusive or powerfull and fill THE rest up with eggs or Silver or 50 gold

And the arena is timed too, u can only battle after 12 hours and this is Also offline :slight_smile:

Yes and no.

Yes, the idea is great and not too hard to implement.

No, it shouldn’t be like THAT. Maybe have a better reward as the days pass, and they reset every 5 or so days? Maybe like this:

Day 1: 750 Silver
Day 2: Egg (not gold)
Day 3: 50 Gold
Day 4: 1,500 Silver
Day 5: Daily Reward Egg*

And day 6 will be the same as day 1 and so it cycles.

* The Daily Reward egg could be a new egg made to have medium-ly strong monsters, kinda like a cross between egg and gold egg.

I like Zoros idea better than oh look, an egg

I’m not going to post the exploit, but there is one if this were implemented as an offline event. The current arena is subject to the same exploit, which is how people were able to obtain anubis WAY before the arena timers should have allowed them to do it.

That being said, the concept is not a bad one, it would just have to be thought through as to how it should be implimented. And the rewards carefully considered. Eggs could certainly be provided as a substitute to gold without causing an imbalance in the game. But if this is an offline coded feature, it would be extremely foolish to make gold a reward, at all.

However, as “That, That Shall Not Be Named” is a way to gain things faster - if it is a login bonus that is automatically collected, it wouldn’t be able to be gained again on that day and by using “TTSNBN” to gain early bonuses would have to wait extra long in the long run and mess up their games. I tried it on another game and won’t ever do it again!
So it’s not really in their best intrests to do so. (Hope that makes sense? Wow it’s hard to explain without saying it outright!)