Suggestion Legendaries

I have an idea where you go onto this island where there is a dungeon for each type and it’s like 50 levels so it’s hard or something like that then in each dungeon there is one legendary monster that was given
the powers of the first ones as a safety measure just in case somebody could beat the first ones or something like that and then you find out about it from the first ones that you have to defeat them in order to not let the monsters take over the world or destroy it and also on the island there are monsters created by the Legendaries or monsters that are very ancient on the island. The last thing is the island came from out of nowhere because it was cloaked and also they are activated when all first ones have Been defeated so you find out about his after you defeat them.

We have first ones which I suppose count as them. I don’t think we need legendaries.

But you can’t control the first ones.

You control them in a sense but they pick their own moves

U cant control them for now no but maybe in the future they have babies and u can use them haha no i dont know but the sound of having a legendary sounds way better than saying that u have a S grade of something …