The pvp idea is based on creating a new pvp system where a new function would be added, for now I will call it (Energy). Monsters will always start with maximum energy at the start of each pvp phase (Rule ) ( Pvp Preparation - Do not apply here , to test equipment as many times as necessary) and ( Rank pvp ) . For example let’s say each monster will start with 30 energies, each pvp match will decrease 1 energy to the monsters that were used in pvp. The monsters could recover 1 energy every two or 3 games or the Dev could create a more suitable form, just get the idea :wink:. This would avoid using the same teams and strategies over and over again for entire seasons and encourages people to better explore and exploit their collection and would make pvp much more diverse and interesting, each player would have to manage their monsters carefully so as not to run out of all your best monsters at the same time because you would have to set up or have a b-team set up. The idea comes from sports, for example a football manager will have to know when to use or rest his stars so that they are available for the important games of the season.
I know that maybe the lower ranks would have difficulties but if so I think that dev could find the solution or this could become a new PVP event with independent rewards where the required rank is higher to guarantee certain development in each account that is going to access the . This is all, I hope to read your opinions about it, without further ado Your adorable friend the Arachna man✌️

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So that means people won’t be able to run exact copies of my link fire team? :thinking: idk if this is gonna work out…

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all those new ideas that give the game a different air and open to new experiences, they seem great to me. With your idea I don’t have to see the same player executing the same team and the same strategies nor will he be able to memorize my team. So we would be 50/50 to win or lose👍

I am not sure that you have understood what I meant, or rather I do not know if it is well explained when the translation is done

People could still copy an entire team, but they would be using it for a maximum of 30 games before each monster ran completely out of energy and had to stop using them… Then you would be forced to have or create a new team.

Exactly, I hope more people give their opinion about it

It’s a good idea
But 30 energy is too much
You still can run the top monster 30 times in rank
If you wanna change the pvp make less energy and then maybe will change,also i said it’s a good idea but personally i dislike it cause we need to think in low rank users too,if you are low rank with 10 good mons and after a few matches you can’t use it’s a good adventage for high rank
If that stuff is going to be added doesnt matter when and how,the low rank will start leaving the Game
Less players=Server Close

There is already a pvp event, this could be one especially for high rank with something different… after all it’s just a

Oh sorry
I read the thread late at night and didnt see that :sweat_smile:

I would say that:

  1. Energy only for ranked PvP
  2. 20 energy unit x mythics
  3. 30 energy unit x legendary
  4. 40 energy unit x super epic
  5. All other monsters unlimited energy
  6. Energy will reset only at the end of PvP (Monsters don’t recover energy)

This is actually my original idea, but I’d rather someone else suggest it :smiling_imp::new_moon_with_face:

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I like this, but one question. Shouldn’t myths have more energy than legends?:thinking:

He means it should have less uses the higher the rarity

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No, less because mythics need to be more limited, you can use them only for 20 battles.

This is almost exactly what I was going to suggest. I quite heavily support this idea.

In practice, many people will not do enough PvPs in ranked that it won’t affect them, but it will affect everyone who is grinding for a top position. I reckon most people would make two PvP teams and switch from one to the other after energy runs out. That’s not ideal, but it would make a big difference about how people construct their teams and to get top 10 you’ll need a very big collection of good monsters you can make multiple strong teams with.

However, I realise I have bias because I have a big collection. This idea may cause a big barrier to entry for players because they need to own lots of monsters to stand a chance at a high spot. This will annoy some people, even if other people with smaller collections like the challenge a lot.

I understood the first time, only this opportunity to see DONT make limitations to the myths is nice :grin:

I do make limitations on Mythics when needed :rofl:

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