Sudden Death only hit enemies for entire match

Hey there,

just played a UC round @ lvl 100 and even managed to win with my sup-bar team, though I can’t say that it felt particularly legit.

I had both Rhinobrawl and Puffoxin who basically killed the entire team by themselves, hitting every Sudden Death on the enemy. Most of the time the target ended up being the top-left monster, though not always. Even when it got down to 3, 2 and even 1 last standing monster, Sudden Death still hit those. Now the odds of that seem a tad unlikely I’d argue with sth along the lines of: 0.5^12 * 3/7 * 2/6 * 1/5. I mean it’s not completely impossible but I know my luck and it ain’t good :wink: Also it was rather suspicious how often the top-left monster got hit. 

I was not able to reproduce this in the next couple matches. In case that kind of bug could be considered cheating, please do tell and I can give my account name or anything else that may be helpful. 

That’s the thing about probability- no matter how stupidly unlikely something is, it’s still possible. Congrats on the streak. Maybe that one match was compensation for your previous luck :smiley: