Stun Team

I am trying to learn the stun strategy inside out and I just have a couple questions.

What are some strong openings?

How should I space out stunners?

When do I use knock back/team turn?

and is the new horse dude good for the cost he is worth? I’ve been getting at least 2-3 kills with him on average so I’m not complaining.

Thanks for all the help guys!

u are looking for is a stratgey that will help u deal with stun absorb leo and immunity dudes at the start of the game removing those first then start the stun train make sure to kill one only and leave the rest stunned forever untill the end of the game while u keep killing the monster that enter.

My team is based in stun so i usually use a stun bomber in FL he is imune to stun so he usually survives enough to stun bomb and than timestikers go in or chronozeros with timestrike all…usually i got 3/4 kills easy this way…than stun bomb again and timestrike again stunning entrance healers are pretty good too
Im still newbie but it works pretty good for me…having a timestrike bloodcrave mons is great so the new monster deserves a place in almost all teams

The thing about stun is that it’s not about killing everything, the ideal way to use it is to stun 3 monsters into oblivion and then you can play the game as a 4 on 1 match for the majority, allowing you to pretty much clean up. However you have a limited time of stun so you have to move fast. 

“the horse guy” is probably one of your best monsters, since your main problem will be team turners cancelling out your stun. You also want monsters that can sweep on a low TU in order to maximise your effectiveness under the stun time. My recommendation would be the super epic timestrike/bloodcrave monsters, as you can also use one on one should things go wrong. 

Also I would say that the strongest opening would be something along the lines of galvbane and chronozeros, with maybe remus to deal with leo. How you lead from that into the midgame is up to you but if you have horse at 5 then that should clean up a lot of front lines. You can even run firelion and cannibalise itself into horse for a faster opener. 

Finally just experiment. Most of the best teams were made through taking a concept and then tweaking constantly, so do that.

For pve teams with Leogist on the front line (e.g., the ancient dungeon in chapter 7, which I use to farm hero xp) I always one shot him using chrono. That cancels out their stun defense and frees you up to start stunning everyone else (assuming no stun absorbers).

I really appreciate the advice!

I’m going to experiment with different amounts of stunners.

I have a team turner as well- where would you put that on a lineup?

Closer to the beginning? 

If it’s pve then yes, you want to be able to guarantee the stun just in case of gallio etc.

If it’s for pvp then I would say put him as far back as reasonably possible, maybe around 7-10. The reason being everyone is going to be running horse near the front so dropping a TT up front is just asking for trouble

chrono hits leo?

I’m talking about chronozar fast striking leogist to get him out of there.

CHRONOX: Faststrike

GALVBANE: Timestrike/Bloodcrave/Stuns


LUXKING: One-On-One, Timestrike/Bloodcrave/Throw

SEARGUARD: Chrono Killer/Timestrike



FIREHEART: Timestrike/Hold ground

ZEPHYR: Team Turn

PEGASSIAH: Desperate Double

MYSTICORN: Stun/Create duplicate

RAZORFIN: Stun flash/survivor


BLIGHTWYRM: Desperate double

MAGMAWYRM: Twin killer

ESAPIZARON: Protector/stun absorb

That’s my current line-up for PVE. What do you think?

Start off with something like galvbane, chronox, esapizaron and dreadfish, because then you can chain bombs and have galvbane and chronox sweeping with esapi just in case of any stuns. 


















Basically front will stun lock and set up your sweepers, once you go into razorfin you should have enough time on the clock to set up survivor whilst still using your other two sweepers, if not then stun flash should help it along. After that you have a couple of generic monsters leading into searguard just to set him up in case there aren’t any targets for chrono killer, you can whittle a monster down and have sear come in for the kill. Same works with zephyr. Mysticorn is at the back because you can chain creating duplicates and if not then the stun will let blight and pegasus charge up survivor. 

If you want any more help the team building thread at the top will help a lot more, I’m only going off the top of my head here.