Help building a sleep team

Never evolve the SE twin death sentence monsters,single sleep is much better

you won’t need the se’s anyway with 2 sleep legendaries

I use the 3*stun burst guys to acelerate and then stun into another sleeper
Balanceon is a great support for sleepers and protector iff you dont have shiva

I think 3 stun will be useless if enemy front got stun absorder.
What is the 4 mlnsters i eant to get together? 2 sleepers and what are the pther 2? Are there a give turner with accelrate?

On FL put knock back with stun to prevent stun absorvers
The 4 monsters you eant to get together are usually 2 sleepers a protector and a support monster(shiva/balanceon)
Usually for more survivability with hp sharing or pure cure
Nop acelerate team doesnt exist on any GT
The 3stars can do the job just put a stum bomb before him and you will
Have enought time to acelerate team and then stun burst the enemy monsters

Ok thanks :slight_smile:
Any more tips guys?

Make nighthorse,celestrion,
(stun entrance, send back, stun entrance, send back)
Then if you want either stun bomber or thordragon

Shinobidragon would also help but i guess you dont have him…

Yea i dont have him
Tried putting them together, but it backfired me several times (getting killed by a stun immue monster, poison revenge enemy team - and then unable to sleep). But maybe i will put more stun bombers :slight_smile: thx!

I would avoid shock entrance legends,stun immuners always ruin your set up with the poison revenge