Strato? In pvp reward

Hey so i been playing alot of pvp lately and gotten to 200k diamonds

I was woundering about what strato Can do and if its any good to put into my team…

The last ark i Got rewarded wasnt that usefull so is this one the same or Can i actully use it…


And what are the moves usefull for?

Its moves are

Angelbane-deals more damage to angelic types 130 TU
Hurricane- aoe attack 250TU
Air call- bring all air arks tomthe front of lineup 50TU
Earthvoid- sacrifices itself to protect other two allies of two earth attacks

Its stats are the same as the 9 star wyrms though I think its slightly faster. Anyways, its not all that good, better off using the other wyrms.

Has anyone tested if its angelbane can one-shot pegasion or luxknight?

It only does around 700 to 800 damage on luxknight, pegasion idk.

Is pegasion Angel & not Mystic?

pegasion is angelic

Hurricane sucks. Call/void sucks. Angelbane sucks. Stats suck too. 

Yeah, stratowyrm is not a good monster to use.