So I recently got a bloodclaw and noticed it has the ability angelbane it says it does 200% against angelic arks. Is there a monster type angelic or are they talking about holy arks? Also every time I use angelbane on a holy arc it’s doesn’t do much damage since bloodclaw is death. Why would they give a death ark angelbane?

Let me tell you this ! :  I seriously dont know this

Maybe they mean Mystic?

Halopard is angelic, not beast, cherub is also angelic.

Devs are trolling. They give bloodclaw angelbane to trick players into thinking that he’s good :slight_smile:

Bloodclaw is good though, and angelbane is good :slight_smile:

Angelbane is for angelic arks …

It works on luxknight halopard pegasion sanctolamb cherubion. Anubis is humanoid Angelon is dragon astroleon is beast meowzard is humanoid shadowstalker is mystic

Thank you Saul. Just the answer I was looking for. I didn’t know there were Angelic Arks. But now I do.

I was confused with that to at first, and even though i didn’t get a chance to answer i remember being confused with that to when i got griffin but then i was cherub farming and i just decided to look at ones profile when i caught it just cause and saw that “angelic” was actually a sub type and not holy. I remember i was confused with that as well in dib with the whole death type and stuff, i wasn’t sure if they meant “death” type and there was a sub type that was called evil or something like that (i forgot) and i had the same issue wondering if it was sub type or type but i know now.

Yeah kitty I was also confused :slight_smile:

Glad you know now though :slight_smile:

No problem

Just to know, how did u get it?

Anubis is humanoid. Angelon is dragon. Halopad is angelic. Luxknight is angelic. Shadowstalker is mystic.

I got it from a golden egg

How dare you get a good monster from an egg, you timing cheat! (ps this is a joke, I’m a nice boy!)

Yeah, in the beginning I was like, how come beastbane doesn’t work on stegoedon! It looks like a beast…oh. It’s a dragon? Wow.

How in the world is ANGELon not an angelic arkadion???