Still waiting next update

Dev please let us know what the update date is. We waited too long


They said end of September the last time if I remember correctly. We got fooled :joy:

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The anniversary is about to begin and the updated version is still missing

I have searched again. Dev said end of the year. My bad :slight_smile:

I predict that the anniversary will be October 18 or October 21.

Update out

EDIT: I meant “Update out?” like I was asking a question


@NMEGaryOak you lie like a rug.

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I fell for it

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Sorry guys I edited my original post, it was a simple typo

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Cloning Dragongate 2019

It’s really out now guyzzz

Nothing has changed with warca

I’d say that @Dev_VKC did Warca lot on this update, but unfortunately not every monster who deserved a buff got one

Tell me they removed the RNG of Auto-protect and Taunt. Or did they make auto-protect completely useless like 50% protection…


Also this beast

They nerfed most protectors instead of directly hitting AP. That is pretty sad, not gonna lie.

Please use the other thread to discuss the new update (so we don’t have multiple threads on it).