any one want update !

hey friend i started this topic because i cleared whol game every single mission and now this game becomes boring so now i want waiting for the new update .

Hoping they will update it soon.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

End of april they say. So very soon.

Plz dev make it as soon as possible

They are going as fast as they can. Be a little patient :slight_smile:

Yeah always keep in mind that they work only like 5 days a month. So it’s the maximum speed they can do updates.

How do you know that zard explain please. Is there more information you know that the community doesn’t know please share.

I tell you what i know. Devs are working on a monster called megazard

Megazard skills.

Double bloodfury
Chrono killer
Sleep killer

Secret skill
Toxic killer

Roraing enterance
Spawn ultrazard.

Ultrazard has two skills

Evolve to ultrazard

Stun immune
Death revenge

What I know is that the community doesn’t give the devs enough credit.

I used to think the same thing as you guys. That the devs were slacking off on something, or that they were ignoring us, or they needed to work faster. But has anyone here actually tried to make a game that is balanced, not buggy, and could potentially be sold to a market that may or may not be there in 2-3 years? The thing is rediculously hard. I have been working on one for a while now and my game has gone through multiple design phases. Each one requiring a week long essay to get my thoughts straight. I am writing one of these right now. I have to find equations involving around 200 different variables so that I can get the core mechanic and difficulty scaling right. This is without any programming whatsoever. I have had no help with it so I have had to go through writing and entire open world that is randomly generated myself. It took me a year to create and debug these things to get them to a somewhat finished state(still not sure I like them enough and may change them more in the future).

Now people will say “this isn’t applicable as the devs have a team of ten and you are just 1 person”. My response to this is that is doesn’t help the problem at all. In fact, it probably magnifies it. 10 people*the mess I just described to you above equals a huge mess. Now, some of the devs can help each other with their problems as they might share a few things out of their skillset. But there is still 10 times the work in order to get an update done then what I am doing right now.

They might have some inefficiencies in their code that makes it harder as well. But I think this is what buffing a monster looks like:

  1. Go through the monster pool and figure out which ones need buffs and which ones can be done in a reasonable amount of time.

  2. Come up with reasonable buff ideas to make a monster more powerful. This is the spot where they come here and look through the multiple balance discussion threads to try and find ones that can be implemented and tested as well as having them be reasonable.(Sean confirmed for me that they DO listen to us. I personally think they don’t interact with us quite so much because whenever we see a dev, we demand information that they are unable to provide due to their NDAs.) this takes some time and take the amount of work for each monster(1-2 days) and multiply it by the number of monsters being buffed. Meaning 1-2 weeks just to figure out ideas.

  3. Implement the buff. This probably takes 1-2 days per buff but might take longer due to bugs or spaghetti code. This takes a total of another 1-2 weeks.

  4. Test the buff and go through a bunch of teams to find bugs and test interactions between monsters. Spaghetti code makes this harder. I would give it 1 day per monster. So a week to test all the monsters.

  5. At this point, given perfect precision with balance power levels, it has taken them 3-5 weeks to get them all done. But people aren’t perfect. So some of the buffs will pass and others will fail. So some of the monsters go back to 2 and have to go through the process again. This can take a long time.

6.This isn’t inclucing the amount of time and effort that has to be put into making new eggs and monsters. Which I will remind you guys that they need to make them in order to LIVE.

  1. We are lucky that the devs work fast enough to even release the updates at this speed. The only game I know that does monthly updates is clash royale. And their balancing is easy. The have maybe a total of 8 stats per card that they have to tweak. So it is leterally just changing a number at that point. And it STILL takes them a month.

  2. Bugfixes take a ton of time. You all complain and say they need to be fixed asap and if they don’t the what is the point of playing etc. etc. . .
    Bug fixes take a ton of time to do. Try hunting through 3000 lines of code for the one + sign that was missplaced and is causing the whole game to crash. This can take you a day or more. Now take a program that is even bigger, say 15000 lines. And it will take you almost a week to find that one missing character. If that is 1 missing character, then think about how long it takes to fix a bug that is programming logic. You literally have to go through your entire program and think like you have told the computer to think until you find the contradiction that is killing the program. This stuff takes time!!! I had a bug in my game that took me 6 months to fix and the fix was accidental. I had to live with a randomly crashing program for 6 months because I couldn’t think like my AI effectively enough. 1 change fixed this.

The point is that people need to be more patient. This is how much time it takes to do stuff. Complaining just degrades the devs and makes us frustrated. I can assure you that the devs are working as hard as they can to give us what we want. So show them some appreciation for once alright.

I can assure you that they aren’t only working for 5 days a month.

Hahaha, very funny :joy:

I’ve actually been trying out programming myself lately. Just for fun I’ve been trying to recreate the Voltorb Flip arcade game from Pokémon HG/SS in Python. It’s a fairly simple game, but even with something like that it can get really hectic to try and keep track of everything and figure out what the heck is even going wrong. I’m started to get what it’s like to have to run something like this. It’s not fun.

What graphics engine?

(I apologize, I accidentally deleted your post)

Well fine, guess I’ll post it again.

I’ve actually been trying out programming myself lately. Just for fun I’ve been trying to recreate the Voltorb Flip arcade game from Pokémon HG/SS in Python. It’s a fairly simple game, but even with something like that it can get really hectic to try and keep track of everything and figure out what the heck is even going wrong. I’m started to get what it’s like to have to run something like this. It’s not fun.

Not sure about graphics, I just downloaded a free python engine off the website.

What’s it called?

It’s called python. It looks like this.

Oh, IDLE? Used to use that.

I use python for the game I am making btw. I use gedit. Also on linux.

Zard buddy I have an IT Company myself. Not mainly programming but working with those people. I am aware of how hard this can be and what a mess it can be BUT a team of 10 should have 1 guy to coordinate and a proper project management strategy, so they can share the work and do a proper distribution of tasks to be done.
I never said they need to fix a bug in 24 hours. That can be impossible if they don’t know what causes the bug.

Problem I mainly have is the following: imagine they had 1 year or more to create the game before its release. Now think it’s nearly 2 years old. What exactly happened in this time? Even if you take a team of 5 give them a proper plan and schedule everything even if you do this on like 1-3 months in advance only - they are not a huge team - it should definitely have been possible to fix bugs that are known for months or years, take care of the games balance and add some new features now and then (they had a few cools ones recently but that was about it. Nothing much last year for example) and still have like 1 person working on the story line.

From what I saw happening and see happening every f***ing week is that they spend and WASTE time creating new monsters that either run the game or are broken upfront or even worse just be OP and get buffed or banned a week later AFTER some people paid a lot of money to get them.
Now tell me is it the strategy they are running that fu**s the game up or the problems bug fixing and programming or story writing actually is for them?

I am very convinced they have a problem that’s man made not made by complexity or by team size nor difficulty. They have a very shifted view of customers and normal business life / concepts.

Just my two cents… may everyone think was he wants to believe… Mike says it here. Your monster would be fun if it wouldn’t be in the making already :stuck_out_tongue:

Zard face reveal confirmed with the new monster.

I’ve run a business myself.  At the end of the day, every business is going to have a long list of reasons why it is very difficult to optimize the product, fix problems, and grow revenue.  Those reasons can be perfectly legitimate.  Zard did a great job of outlining why it is hard for the devs to do what they do in the case of this particular business.

But at the end of the day, all that matters is if you are serving your customers and keeping them happy.  If you don’t like or can’t handle the difficulties of the particular business you’ve chosen to be in, then you should choose a different line of work.

You can tell your customers (or hope they intuitively understand) – “I get why you don’t like X, Y, and Z bugs – and we agree those are bugs that should be fixed – but here’s why it’s hard for us to fix those bugs”.  And your customers might even stick with you for a while if your product is good enough, and they feel like you care.

But at the end of the day, all that really matters is results.  If you don’t prioritize well and allow known problems (ones that you’ve acknowledged and promised to fix) to remain unfixed for months, your customers might be sympathetic to your plight, but they won’t stick with you forever.  There are a lot of competitors out there who ARE overcoming problems and fighting through the difficulties rather than using them as excuses for why known problems aren’t getting fixed in a timely (or even untimely) manner.  Those are the businesses whose customer bases grow.

All this to say – regardless of how difficult it is – hopefully the next update addresses the many bugs that have been pointed out on this community for the better part of 6 months and acknowledged by the developers as things needing to be fixed.

And believe me guys, I am NOT saying the devs are perfect. Far from it. I just think that there are better ways to get the devs to want to talk to us then by yelling 4 pages of insanity at them when they come on to say hi. When sean came around his hello thread kind of made me embarrassed. Rather than people coming and saying hello, we all screamed at him about bugfixes. I think that while the devs have a lot of stuff they need to improve, my previous post was directed at the people who are saying the devs put in no effort, they don’t want to make the game better, all they are interested in is money, etc. . . Not pointing fingers.

Also, it actually is in the best interest of the devs to buff monsters because they actually can make profits by making a special egg featuring the newly buffed monsters. The egg itself takes little to no effort to create.

I do agree with you guys that there is probably a management problem. Mike is the story writer. If he actually was told that that was his priority, he could probably get a chapter done every 2-3 weeks.

I don’t know who manages the team, but he isn’t doing the job all that well I agree. Not to say that I am bashing him, just that something needs to be done. Because as it stands, more legends = more money, but no new players. If they could figure out a way to make the new legends into new players, a lot of improvement would happen in the game.

I’m so glad I deleted the app two months ago and never looked back.

Benefits?: more money saved, less drama, less wasted time, less procrastination

Cons?: none that I can think of ATM other than the fact that I can’t get back the money and the time I used on this game. Those of you who don’t understand that now will understand in the future. Later peeps

Wish you luck on your real life.tbh that’s why I want to be absolutely F2P.
Wish other players come to their sence too.

F2P Arash

Good luck!