Stellaurum (poll and discussion thread)

What you say is probably true for PvP, however all of those deal a lot less damage than energy spike so Stellaurum will be more reliable against buffed opponents in PvE. It’s kind of an energy charge variant to Arachnodrake, even looks similar. I’d like to test it with enrage, the results could be amazing.

say what you wanna say, but this monster’s AoE move is an Absolute Blast to use.


So for PVE events, that much damage is needed in maybe 3 events? The final stages of bond quest (where those other moves are still mostly useful), hell mode, and ultimate challenge.

I’d differ to @Unown on Bond quests, as he’s the king there. @Unown, would you run this dragon in your bond quest dragon team to gain an advantage?

Hell mode, if you haven’t already beaten it, and want to try doing it with dragons, maybe it would be a fun way to challenge yourself. Probably not worth choosing over other things.

Ulitmate challenge, at the levels you’d be needing that much damage, team building is very tough unless you’re able to set a lock up. One aoe wipes the whole line. You’d have to come up with a very particular lock strategy to only include dragons (keep in mind, no potent sleep dragon out there, stun isn’t very effective lock anymore even if some dragons have stun skills). Rocklock? Nope, dragons don’t have that either. Even if rocklock and stun weren’t nerfed, Exocross would be much better to use because it’s focused instant death.

I’m having trouble seeing how the passive is ever useful over other things. I guess if you’re playing ultimate challenge, and all the enemies aoe, and you’re left with stel and three other dragons, and you have time to charge, then you can get one kill off before the incoming mon wipes the field again :joy:

And yeah, I channeled the spirit of @Killerdog to write that novel


Meh moveset tbh. Harvest charge can be compared to looting charge; and looting charge just beats it in every way possible.

When it comes to bonds, I would still stick to mortar primarily because the thing that really wins battles is stalling and dealing a little damage here and there. Constant shield every 130tu and not having to waste 200+ for the actual attack.

That is for the mid levels 40-90, for 90+, never would’ve even considered.

I don’t think this monster is that great, sure can be used to some pve IF you don’t have chimunka or other, more viable options and it all comes down to the TU amount really.


Monster is trash and i roll And didn’t get the new one :sob:

You and Unown covered it all. Came here because I was tagged but there’s nothing left to say. You found the way to silence me :wink:


Haha, thanks man

Feburary 13th 2024 12.01am. The day killerdog was silenced

(Edit: did some poking got exact time)

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Energy unit without instant charge and stun imun in 2024 bruh they make another airavalon.
His only good thing is energy spike or buffed laser blast damage from critical→ lethal.
Also his stats suck, so u have space until he charge himself.
well Burnsalot is better than him :joy:.


Nah ,I am more prefer stellaurum. Brunshallot its too trash compare this monster. Best comparasion is Auraleus :stuck_out_tongue: .

Anyway, I like this monster skillset. He just need little buff.

Secret skill : change dragon Lottery to charge /union accelerate (25%)

Dragon Arena : Azida ,Akane and All Dragon Gain focus.(I am not sure why they give this monster focus since his target skill for opponent only 2, union stun imune is alot better)

Burnsalot only needs 42 TU to devour charge.
Okay, so I can’t compare it with energy units that don’t have stun imun.
But I see this new myth as outdated leg, nah it’s prime super epic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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this Mythic will be good in defence team of defence of verosia. other than that its too slow.

the fact it beats stealth makes it interesting however. i think of this kind of like penguinator. when it gets the chance it is deadly. however its getting that chance which is problematic.

It’s fine. I am still thinking why people are so obsessed with its movesets. If it was little better same people would have complained for nerf after many people had got it. The only thing it’s lacking is it’s 2 nd passive dragon arena which is totally useless otherwise good design, fine movesets.

How is it good design? It’s just ugly dragon with spikes… like a kids imagination.

Let’s see you come up with something original then :wink:

We talk about originality now?

Well, it’s @Tavaray’s design that Devs included in the game. I’d just like to see you come up with a “good” design :slightly_smiling_face:

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Broke: it’s just a dragon with spikes
Woke: it needs even more spikes

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