Stay alert.our free gems are disappearing

As I exhausted all my tickets.I discovered this sad truth. I think it might take me a week to accept this fact.


What do you mean?

Compared to the previous time.we need to pay more tickets and time to obtain the same gems. and the total amount of free gems has been decreasing. the event period has also become longer.

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Which event are you talking about?

I think he means multiples, one of them being the Mythic Colosseum, since he seems to have just exhausted his tickets.

Completely agree we use to have 2 limited time events at the same time now we have only one that consumes all our tickets for 20 gems in total and in top of that we can’t play PvP as much as before to past time is ironical we are force to play less and less every week i think this will finally end up killing the game or making it completely P2W

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Devs are screwing us over. Sad but true. It’s a growing trend.


This is getting critical we play less time every week for fewer rewards and the odds to get something from eggs stills terrible this game is going nowhere good i think is going to get to hard to play for newcomers terrible chances + small rewards they have no chance to advance if they don’t spend but if you disappoint every poor bastard who starts playing i don’t think they would even consider spending so this is doing no good to anyone


I don’t really understand what you guys are talking about? There’s always been high ticket consuming events that give low gems/ticket cost. Sometimes there’s three, sometimes two events at the same time? Even now there is two: Colosseum and Biweekly. It’s nothing new, Showdown tower is very similar: grindy event with rubbish rewards if you don’t go for the extra gems. PvP also gives great rewards nowadays, I don’t know if many of you guys were around in the old PvP? Also in general the game gives more free gems than ever. It’s never before been this easy to accumulate 10 packs.

Mythic Colosseum is about having a chance to play with a Mythic. I interpret it as a message from the devs: here guys go test these mythics out, they’re amazing so make sure to spend on them on the next banner! While it’s fun to play with these mythics (especially Gorgodrake, god he is fun), the event suffers from repetitiveness and lack of imagination. Unfortunately it is the case with most events nowadays. At least it was something new that we could include a monster in our own team which we actually don’t own (well at least for most of us).

What I agree with is that we should get some level of guarantee when we spend gems. I think it was better for everyone when guaranteed legends were a thing. Even one guaranteed legend on the third pack or something along the lines would be enough. Even the idea of potentially getting nothing after literally hours of grinding is somewhat crushing!!

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You can calculate how many free gems you can get each month now. Most people were 120 ~ 150 or more last year.

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It depends entirely on the events that are on the monthly rotation.

Except for the month with uc, no month has reached this value.

It definitely varies each month depending on the events, but 150 gems per month on average sounds about right for someone who can do most of the content. I average roughly 200 gems per month by doing all the content 100% and getting top 10/50 in leaderboards.

This is the data that was widely accepted last year. I want to convince the data with the data, I will start statistics in April


We are talking about the overall reduction in events and on top of that the rewards are being reduced a little in many events.

So it’s a twofold reduction in gems we can win.

Isn’t the gem reduction in Showdown Tower basically the only gem reduction we’ve seen in an event since practically the beginning of the game? PvP leaderboard rewards for the top 3 positions got reduced slightly, but that’s the only other one I can think of at least in recent times.

They tried to redo Showdown Tower to make it more interesting and while the total gems is less, the way to get them is far simpler and easier for everyone to do without access to the forum PLUS it works out that many people actually get more gems. It’s just the people who 100% complete the event who get fewer gems.

I think things are getting blown out of proportion a little just because we’re getting limited-time events slightly less than before. I haven’t really noticed much of a slow in my gem income. People have said there is a slowdown since the anniversary. I’ve gained about 950 gems since Halloween. Even if we call it 4.5 months since Halloween that’s 211 gems per month on average.

However, that said, I would love to see someone else tracking their free gems like I do to see what they get as well as if things really have slowed down. It’s true it does feel like there are slightly fewer events on at once.


Login rewards accountd for a large part.

How much were these again? I can’t remember now, and was there even a login bonus at Christmas?

It’s important to factor in all sources for the average though. The one thing I did exclude were the gems I’ve got from doing the online story hell mode. I’ve done a chunk of that since the beginning of this year.

Slightly??? Man las time we have 2 respectable limited time events was Time Attack (18 gems or something) and Garcias Survival of the Fittest (18 gems )right after that the reduction went crazy now we have and unique event 10 or 12 days and rarely are 2 but they paired up with crappy gem rewards events such as Rina’s Puzzle and Balancions so please don’t tell me is slight reduction the difference hasn’t been noticed as critical as it is because of festival login bonus (30 in Christmas and 40 in Valentine’s) and 60 extra gems PvP a total of 130 free gems that have makeup the huge event reduction and to make it clear login bonuses are supposed to be something extra like it was until 4th anniversary. Maybe there will be another login bonus in Easter but after that what will happen i think people will finally realize the magnitude of the problem. BTW before Christmas i had a gem income of 160 gems per month now is barely 90 without counting login bonuses and compensation gems is huge the difference


Tbh the fact they picked events which give fewer gems might be to offset all the extra gems they were giving away in other places.

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