Start of the game bug?

Yes I started a save file on my iphone for HI and I always wanted to catch a high grade fang (E grades don’t work for me I would prefer to get a C ) so everytime I run into a D or lower grade fang I would force-close my app then open it back up until I get 1 so I caught 1 then you guys know you get a egg after you catch fang ok I wanted a moby (the whale I use for the start of the game) the egg did not have moby in it so I tried force closing the app and opening it again (this is to tell you I captured fang already) take a look at the pictures this might be a glitch/bug?

Hmm interesting haha. Definitely a bug. By the way I wouldn’t recommend restarting just for a better grade Fang or Moby as they are fairly common :slight_smile:

I know but they are my main team during the game :slight_smile:

Yeah its weird that u get another fang but its not a big deal as its not rare