Spending 125 dollars if I roll 3 legends

In 2 days I’ll be able to roll my third 6 in 1. If I land 3 legendaries I’ll invest 125 dollars. 1 is garaunteed.

What percent chance do I have to get 2 more in the pack??

6.1% each egg in festival
4% normal egg or special egg
40% rare egg

Not great I’m afraid. Excluding the guaranteed egg there’s 9 with a chance of being a legendary, and each one has a 6.1% chance of hatching one. Based on my calculations, you have very close to a 10% chance of getting 2 or more legendaries minus the guaranteed, and that’s including the insane off chance that you get even more than 2, which is about 1.4%. It’s also not accounting for possible dupes, which I can’t figure out since I don’t know how many legends you have. You should definitely go ahead and do this third pack anyway though, there’s several fantastic monsters featured right now that you don’t want to miss out on. And spending for 3 more will for sure get you either BB or moji, so that’s something to consider.

Only the guaranteed :frowning:

6.1% is quite high for legendary…i have played game whereby their so called legendary is only 0.5%…zZzz