Does legendary chance increase above 6% ?

Is the best chance at legendary the 6.1 percent?

It does, 40% at rare eggs (tho i doubt it as i got 4 se in a row)

Well I mean for the festivals on like Christmas and stuff

There are some legendary festivals which not only have the 1.5x increased chance but also additional chance in 10-packs.
1st pack = 50%
2nd pack = 60%
3rd pack = 100%
4th+ = 50%
… every 6th = 100% (first being a guaranteed featured)

Those chances are in addition to the normal chance from each egg. So basically if you want to get lots of legends then save your gems and get 10-packs in these festivals. They usually come when they release a new monster.

The only downside of them is the featured legendaries do not have an increased chance to be drawn. So it’s most likely you won’t get them other than on the 6th pack where one is guaranteed. However, for newer players this is not an issue… it’s just an issue for veteran players who already have lots of the normal legendaries and risk getting many duplicates.