Special Egg

Anyone else realise that there are special eggs if you scroll right from the regular egg screen that gives you ‘twice the chance of getting featured monster?’  I went through the entire game only getting one super-epic and that on top of transferring an epic starter from HI I felt pretty disadvantaged.  Then while playing last night I went to hatch an egg and saw this!  The first egg I rolled a legendary, followed by a super-epic, followed by another legendary!!!  I’m not saying this will be the case for anyone else as that is i’m sure extremely lucky but I’m guessing you would at least rather roll the special egg that costs the same amount as the regular.

I only just saw the “Special Egg” an hour ago. But if you saw it last night then I guess I must have missed it when I spent all my gems on the regular egg :confused: Nice luck nonetheless!

Saw this too and didn’t even realize there was still a regular egg, I ended up getting a legend on my first try earlier today! I just wish the X2’s were more appealing, I really want the dolphin legendary with the stun throw move.

These spezial eggs are quite the joke, got only Epics and doubles for an amount of 50 €. How is the possibility of getting Legendaries higher, if there aren’t more in the weel? Now I’m really dissapointed in the game, I already spent quite much money in it, but this egg now was quite the joke, it always feels like it would hit a Legendary, but the stops before or jumps to the next monster.  :(  :frowning:

I mean if I spend 50€, then I would think that I get at least one legendary from this spezial eggs.

But how should you get better monster for the same amount of gems. (5 gems)

(sorry for my bad English)