So my niece accidently hatched a mythic

I don’t know if my luck is miserable but as of now the halloween event is live and i tried 2 times but meh,but the next day i left my screen on and my niece hatched a egg and i was so furious then i saw was the mythic SYBERBLADE hathed. now i hate myself for being angry at her


It be like that. I remember i used to let my ex roll my 6 pack back when it was guaranteed and she always used to give me the legend monster i want out the two that were feature

I guess she didn’t get the one you wanted one time and then became your ex


Why would you get angry over a game in the first place.


Excellent first post Mr X!


If it’s any consolation, the community’s slowly coming to the realization that he may have been a bit overhyped. His moveset was actually stronger when he was first leaked, they apparently decided power slash and swift twin death sentence was too much, and nerfed it before release. Idk the specifics about how bad he is, I think heard that he simply takes too long to get going in this meta of fast, come-out-swinging-right-off-the-bat monsters.

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Lol Unown, harsh but playful :wink:

@Lucrayzor It wasn’t a leak for Scyberithe, we saw it in Game of Hordes. It was OP when we saw it, having both an impossible to counter OoO-like effect and the ability to kill 3 monsters without the enemy team really having anything to do about it (which also nullified the two-sided overwatch effect and made it nearly one-sided). Now it has the majority of its damage potential removed but still has the very powerful Duel move to set up the other monsters in your team. Far more balanced! I think people don’t like it because the damage potential is especially lacking in the 2nd form and without pots its 75% speed gets beaten by many slower monsters in front lines.

@DurgesH_DynamO_GuraV Congrats on your hatching of Scyberithe!!