So let's have a quiz

(well I have been reading the forum for a while and several questions came to my mind)
So here are some of these

  1. Why everyone hates thlug? Are they so overpowered or they are so annoying.

  2. Which is the strongest group?
    A. The first ones
    B. The divine visitors
    C. Final battle of story(against maggatsuoh)
    D. Any other

3.which is the most overpowered skill?(for me deathmatch mode)

4.why do none of the female mythic monsters have proper clothes to wear?

5.which is your most useful monster that is of great use in every match?

6.which is the best sweeper?


Thlugs are gone because they got nerfed and they suck now. The strongest monsters are awakened mythics. You get them by opening up your wallet. I don’t think there is one overpowered skill because there are tons of skills that can be powerful depending on the situation. The female mythics have no clothes because the people running the game want more money and everyone spends to get the next OP mythic.

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Look bro, there is not a single answer for all these questions.
Every player may have his or her favourite monsters.
For me,

  1. I don’t hate thlugs and slushs but they are not of much use without any other thlug. If you see it in PvP, most players use them for theast wich damages all enemies or puts them to sleep.
  2. The strongest group is actually your team after completing the whole story.
  3. Most overpowered skill is not deathmatch mode. It can be countered very well with Mojinator or some monster with risky heal all or tricranium and a few other mortar mins but if there are poisoners in the enemy team then you’re destroyed.
  4. No goddess has proper clothing. Okay, @Professor_Oak will get you on this. He is leading this topic today.
  5. My most useful monsters so far are Noxdragon along with mechaviathan and Vulcaroth.
    Even Igniscapra is very useful and Diredemon too. You see I am an F2P player, that too, not so old.

Take note zigzagame. Even a new player finds this offensive.

  1. frick becky, i hate her so much.

  2. The strongest group of monsters are the below epic heal all mons. (i do not take criticism)

  3. most op skill has to be Slayerbane All.

  4. Yknow erza from fairy tail? The lesser the clothes, the more powerful she is.

  5. most useful monster is Bastia.

  6. Best sweeper, the one im enjoying very much rn is Roccolosus. 2nd is Scorpiogeist.

  1. No idea.

  2. Awakened Mythics

  3. If we count passives, Lemon’s entrance. If not, I’d say Slayerbane All.

  4. Because sex sells.

  5. Mine’s probably Gorgodrake. DR for PvE, everything for PvP.

  6. Gorgodrake is the fastest sweeper in the game, but requires set up, protection, luck and has very low defense. The best “all around” sweeper is Suikenshi.

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  1. Thlugs are absolute cancer when paired with One on One. The thing that most baffles me is the presence of one of them (Thlug Bob, the earth one) with a 170sec Stun Revenge and THLUG CHRONO KILLER. Holy f★ck that’s so ridiculous. Plus, they can kill eachother and charge Bloodcrave/Retribution, not to mention their revenge passives are OP.

  2. 7★ Mythics of course… Even if plotwise Delugazar is the most powerful.

  3. Goldtail’s Potent Sleep, Novadrake’s Stun Wave and Nagandia’s Daunt

  4. sex

  5. F.D. Iris. A must have in every FL of mine!

  6. Ahuizard for 5★, Novadrake for 6★, Na’turgoul for 7★


1- Mostly one member in particular: Beckie, the pink one. If it gets theasted, all enemies are put to sleep for free. It’s frankly disgusting. Their universal immunity makes it impossible to incapacitate them, so once they start getting their turns they’re damn hard to stop.

2- first ones are largely outdated nowadays, both plotwise and in comp. Atra zib and raizen still see decent use, but they’re nothing crazy.

3- nahhh DMM really isn’t that special, aside from being a prime anti-buff tool. A plan is needed if you don’t want to lose 3 allies, and getting enemies to 1 hp doesn’t guarantee their death. I’m indecisive between Lemon’s and Gazer’s entrances, both give you immediate free reign of the battle without any real effort.

4- sex sells.

5- Dracorosa is crazy. Annihilates poison teams, only needs one kill to double sweep, and if there’s no opportunity to kill he has one of the best support moves in the game, mist, to fall back on.

6- Probably Scorpio. He’s the only stun converter with a quadruple kill move, not to mention said move is a measly 100 TU, has no time restriction, and its condition is easy to fulfill. He can easily maul 4 monsters on his first turn, and if there’s a single source of stun anywhere in the reinforcements you get to wave goodbye to 4 MORE of your monsters.

  1. Paired with +9 Oni they are a cancer ton deal with
    2.Top 10 PvP player’s teams and their brains
    3.There are no overpowered skill imo only the
    mon which have it for ex Bastia having the
    passive serene field became op because she
    had knockback random goddess protection
    and that insane def for a no cloth mon.If the
    passive is just the only good thing and it didn’t
    have any knockback move or def itll be pretty
    easy to deal with same goes for kanna and
    4.Because to attract weebs and make them
    spend money solely for the design
    5.Baubasher it is the only one in the team which
    guarantees a kill for me .oh and also burnsalot
    he also does gaurantee a kill
    6.Sui obviously
  1. I hate thlugs bcz of piercing and Chrono killer
  2. Waifu group
  3. Bastia’s passive which can even counter Lemon lol
  4. As everyone said sex sells
  5. Novadrake/Tricranium
  6. Suikenshi :eyes:

1 Thlugs were extremely overpowered and extremely annoying to face that’s why almost everyone hates em so much
2 The S+ tier Legendary for PvP
3 Deathgazer’s passive Fast Foward Entrance
4 Sex Sells
5 Leogeist
6 Novadrake

Thlugs suck because they have immunity to everything.
As playable monsters the divine visitors are stronger but canonically it’s the delug boss. I’d say the first ones would be next and then maggot. No idea where the goddesses would place.
Op skills are only op depending on passives and stats. For example delug double bloodthirst can kill some monsters with only one kill, but that’s because of excessive force. Imo the most op is actually link slayerbane all (not penguinator) because one killer on your team means you’re gonna get wiped out. Peng requires you to have 2 killers to be able to 1 shot most monsters.
Devs think sex sells. It doesn’t. Op monsters do
Averonix is my favourite se monster. I love raizen and zeuswyrm equally as my favourite legends. I don’t have any useable mythics atm
Delugazard. No question

  1. Why everyone hates thlug? Are they so overpowered or they are so annoying.

Some people see it as a cheap strategy, very easy to pull off with Oniblade and guaranteed sleep lock with the red thlug. The problem is that it’s high risk high reward. You might completely lock someone or then everything is ruined by cent or Moji or sth. I don’t have an issue with it, it’s just a little annoying when I’m not prepared for it.

  1. Which is the strongest group?

B. The divine visitors (sadly)

  1. Which is the most overpowered skill?(for me deathmatch mode)

Slayerbane all.

  1. why do none of the female mythic monsters have proper clothes to wear?

To make money. Horny teenagers and adults with fetishes will spend to get them. Also in Japan and China it seems to be a widespread thing, also it’s very common in gacha games in general.

  1. which is your most useful monster that is of great use in every match?

Angelion. The Swiss army knife of Neo Monsters.

  1. which is the best sweeper?

Hardest question. Delugazar takes it for me because it is powerful in almost every setting. Honorary mentions go to Polaboss, Voidress, Novadrake and Scorpiogeist.


Link slayerbane all is more op

  1. Thlugs are always paired with OoO which is fast and often shuts down the opponent’s team. They begin to sweep through your team and do a guaranteed sleep to all your team by theasting Beckie. With the tholid passive they’re extremely annoying to play against because so little affects them properly. Basically, whether they’re powerful or not they’re simply not fun to play against.

  2. A, the first ones. In terms of the lore they’re incredibly powerful beings and their true forms are way stronger than anything other than maybe Delugazar. The divine visitors have mind control powers but that’s mostly it. Maggatsuoh is built to be a weapon that wipes out life on a planet (if I remember correctly) by using toxic gas. The monster itself is not too strong.

  3. A lot of people saying slayerbane all but they really mean “link slayerbane all”, which is half the TU and deals way more damage. My answer is:
    Ragnarok (in a vacuum arguably one of the most powerful, massive damage with no real restriction and revives the user so has infinite use limit as well as nullified TU and ignoring a bunch of revenges)
    Or if we’re going classic then potent sleep or backstab. Both are ridiculously good control skills at 50/60TU.

  4. Go check out designers women’s underwear. People spend much more for less material.

  5. Novadrake. It’s my go-to monster that can be built around in a few different interesting ways to be good in most types of content.

  6. Scorpiogeist, Suikenshi, Spectrophin or Gorgodrake in my opinion. Most monsters require a bit of help or time to get going so it’s really not possible to answer properly though. For example, Sakuralisk is mental if double bloodthirst gets charged but getting there isn’t easy. Novadrake is incredible too if the opponent has protectors but needs monsters easy to kill before it can really go to town. Those four I mentioned require basically no real condition and are generally immune to one or more strategies. Spectrophin is a bit slow to get its first turn but otherwise they’re all very strong all around.


I meant slayerbane all in general, Link, Normal, Peng, the whole move is OP.

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  1. I am not hate them, they are so cute .I think they are can counter alot off legendary and myth monster with low cost because that everyone hate them

  2. (D). I am newbiehere I think the strongest group is : training mode {crazy buff monster}(joke), level 20 main story (if i am not forget) they have protection again stun and sleep and super buff monster (one shoot aoe) ,2 death revenge including cloning monster (very hard if you not have payback killer). And ultimate challange lvl 150+ without arthasis ,aurodragon,and payback or death revenge cloning monster ,its nightmare

  3. pasif : stun counter, reincarnation,shield field ,serene field, death revenge counterpart,fairy dust
    active : necromancy,slayerbane all counterpart,blood clone with death revenge (for newbie),second dawn,epidemic,dragon lottery(for luck player and newbie they can change rockoid or brozeshell to awaken dragon myth monster)

  4. check out designers women’s underwear. People spend much more for less material.

  5. revenarchion ,is most used .but my beloved hero is torentide because she save me alot time in pve and she make me completely finish main story and more online section including delugazar

  6. scorpiogeist,novadrake,angelion,gorgodrake,suikenshi,delugazar

Additing to your point 3, I have something


:rofl: if you use azida in pvp looks like 20 vs 16 .I think dragon lottery need balanced "cannot be used at token monster)

I think the balance is you can summon a first form se