Let’s talk about thlugs

Tholid is bs that is all I have to say.


Thlugs are dumb and they should buff the monsters I own that suck and actually ngl do deserve a buff.


I hate thlugs.They are nothing but shitty.
Their speed should be 5%


I hate thlugs so much too, always have. They’re so horrible to face.

I hope all the thlug lovers soon get bored of them and everyone stops playing them.


Thloid should not exist in first place. Thlugs should be immune to something in pairs. 2 stun immune, 2 sleep immune, 2 poison immune.


Yeah that would be nicer, then at least when you rely on one of those three things you can deal with some of them. It would also restrict their OoO combo usage. I’ve always wanted their sleep immunity to become like insomnia but this idea you suggest is better.


This option will make their team building really tricky.
The black one should not be immune to sleep for any reason.

Fun fact if you use aethereon with Gyo, Gyo has tholid.


Tbh I’m surprised this thread wasn’t started by @Lucrayzor

I just lost to a TNC .He was using Thlugs. I couldn’t get the chance to kill his fire thlug but I killed OoO
I lost

There should be a legendary thlug

Why don’t we give it tholid field as a passive which gives every incoming teammate tholid. What could possibly go wrong?

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I wish I could dislike that post

6 stars

Active Skills

Double Piercing Blow

Devour Theast: It targets one friendly Thlug. It kills the target and fully heals the user.

Thlug Toxic Killer: It targets one enemy. It deals critical damage if the target have a poison skill. It can only be used if there’s a friendly thlug on the field.

Thlug 250 Blessing Bomb: This skill hits all enemies. It deals critical damage, and fully heals the friendly Thlugs, applying a barrier on them. It can only be used if there’s a friendly thlug on the field.

Passive Skills

Thlug Blood: If there’s a friendly thlug on the battlefield, this monster is immune to poison, stun and sleep, and its attack and defense are boosted by 50%

Hold Ground


Thlugs are already annoying and everyone hates them, we don’t need a legend thlug on top of that


Yeah we need. It costs all the thlugs to be evolved, then you’ll lose all your thlugs and you’ll need to get them again


It’s so boring like evolving chronozar in a useless slow monster


I don’t get it? They already need to be evolved?

Yeah I agree I havent evolved chronozar nor any starter mon because i’m too lazy

You would need the six thlugs (fully evolved)