I started a new file (not to far in first one) just to try the spins again. I got skullrex and he attacks without me issuing a comand. Is this a passive ability or is it that my hunter isn’t skilled enough to control skullrex? Also how do I tell a passive ability or a problem with control? (If that exists in hunter island)

Skullrex is beserk, when u tap it in ur line up it tells u it’s moves and abilities, and one of them is beserk(it does what it wants).

Oh ok thank you for the help

Plasmorex be better

Is plasmarex a fusion monster? Haven’t seen one yet

Yep, it’s a fusion and much better than skullrex itself

It’s a fusion with plasmo which is quite early. It’s 9.5 stars with good offense and ok other stats.

But skrillex>skullrex

^first no.
Second no.
And third no.

Plasmorex is the fusion off-spring of Plasmodius and Skullrex

and in accordance with Deadpool a lot better as he has better stats all around, 2 single hit attacks and 2 AoE attack

The only downside is that he takes forever to attack without haste