Anyone know what monsters I need for plasmorex

You will need a Skullrex and a Plasmodious.

Where is Skullrex?

You can find it on the crescent island in the north forest (near the end of it I believe). 

So I saw at the Pub in Batek that there were Skullrexes in the cave west of Batek (Ryudou Cave).  Now, I’ve farmed there for hours now, without even a sighting of a Skullrex other than for the boss fights.  I am still at 6/7 caught, but still, I’ve been farming for at least 2 hours.  Is the spawn rate really low, or am I just really unlucky?

in the cave its SUPER low.  Ive only found it once during my entire time beta testing.

If you head to the forest on Crescent Island to the north, you’ll find them a bit easier there

not much better though

Ah Alright.  I’ve been farming tons so I haven’t gotten past the snow place yet.  So I’ll hold off til then.  Thanks for the info!

Lol after reading this I found two in 30 mins, maybe it’s just bad luck haha

More like good luck for you. :stuck_out_tongue: I had some of that luck for a while and then it disappeared completely haha

I found several of them near the northern tip of crescent island, where there is a little hill. It took me a little while, but they spawned much faster than in the cave.

I caught mine (an A :smiley: ) where Ashley has stated.

They also spawn more regularly in the deepest part of the forest on the northern part of crescent island. I had the same problem with the cave, I saw three on my very first run through the cave, but failed to catch any. Then I went back and grinded for an hour and saw not a single one (other than the boss)…

AAUGH found one on the northern tip of crescent, like above, but killed it in one hit T.T


Umm, I was farming for skullrex, and randomly came across a Volcawolf that has no capture option.  What is this?

This is on crescent island.

That’s… weird…

Did you make go onto the littler island with the tower?

No, I made a screenshot, there is a skullrex on one side and the volcawolf on the other with breezehawk in the middle.


On a completely different note, I got my Plasmarex ^.^

Yeah, I can’t explain the Volcawolf.

I honestly can’t

Well then… Please submit that along with the screenshot to the bugs section if you will. :slight_smile:

I bet you the gargoyle used the summon move… Lol

Nope, it wasn’t that

Are you sure one of the previous monsters didn’t use a summon move? I’ve had this happen on multiple occasions, where a gargol has summoned something, which has turned out to be rare and uncatchable. Volcawolf has been one of the monsters I’ve seen it summon. I can’t remember what else I’ve seen it summon, but it has definitely summoned some uncatchable things.