Where can i find skullrex i need the fusion of it ^^

You can find him on the northern tip of Crescent Island. Also, the cave west of Batek, but I suggest Crescent Island because that has SkullRex spawn a bit more then the cave

Do you mean this Northern Tip

Northern tip meaning, around the end of the forest when you are traveling up from Reijin. Not exactly the end of the crescent, but the most northern part ( Not on the coast tho, or you wont find it! )

Is there one exact spot for it? Been searching for hours and he hasn’t showed once :confused:

Screenshots of where to find one exactly would be amazing 

There is not a exact Spot for skullrex. You can find him in the Forest.

I can’t post photo from my phone but I found the location.

Going up the crescent filing the forest, stop at the last spot in the forest.
Go left one spec out of the forest
Go left to the coast and you should be under a tree.
Then go left one more time and you should be on the hill immediately left of the last tree mentioned.
Farm away, hope this helps!

NOTE!!! There are two hills a north hill and a south hill the north hill is the one I mean and it is to the left of the lone tree

Found an S SkullRex to go with my S Plasmo…Got it at under 50 health…SkullWraith comes into battle…Uses Roulette…you know what happens next :confused:

I found 2 skulrexes in one battle! an A and a B :lol: !

only caught the B though  :frowning:

I feel your pain. :frowning:

Advice for other folks in the future- if skull wraith and skull red are on the team when you encounter it, kill wraith ASAP. Then, do not kill anything unless you have two monsters right next to each other, just in case another wraith comes back. I suggest monsters with Doublekick, like Pegasion, or other monsters that move quickly.

My B skullrex isn’t anywhere!!! :(  :frowning:

it completely disappeared  :blink:

Did you fuse?

…did you exit the game before returning to town? That would mean those actions (catching it) never existed according to the game, if I recall correctly. I’ve had to redo several quests because of that.

And don’t double post please.

I’ve found plenty of monsters on the crescent island but no option to capture any of them

Those monsters are “summons.”

Most likely summoned by a gargoyle.

They can be any monster, and are all uncatchable

Well I’m preetty unlucky I got an E rank :frowning: but I had a S rank plasma so I stuck them and got a B rank I think