Skipping Introduction.

Hello guys! Recently, i observed that more and more people is hating this game, some is getting bored already… I think it’s time for the devs to be a little friendlier. I even know some people giving up the game without even starting the main story.Its very hard to get legendary monsters and restarting the game is what many people are doing. I actually saw someone on facebook buying account starting with a good legendary. And because of this, i think its very nice of the devs to put a skip button to skip the intros for the people who’s restarting the game over and over again to get a decent legendary… You know, my friends are actually feel frustrated instead of enjoying the game.

You know, the main reasons of the games is to give joy instead of frustration to the players.

ps: Though, i really think my friends just don’t know how to get contented.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You know that the devs have dropped the rated of legend in the first egg. I doubt they’ll make an option to skip the intro.

By additionally releasing useful 5star monsters in the way like Four guardian beasts, helping them clear main quest is necessary.
It takes some time to get the synthetic material, but it’s not difficult to give up.
If a deck is somewhat equipped, they will not give up hope.

So sad :pensive:. I guess the devs really needs money :moneybag:. Oh well, nothing i can do about it. Let’s just be happy that the devs are working hard to improve this user unfriendly game. How i wish the devs consider the new players feelings.

Unfriendly to new comer ? A free legendary right off the bat, super epic starter who are really good, F2P event with island challenge, higher drop rate in the encore egg ( IF you lend on legend of course). Come on the game isn’t perfect and the devs still have to earn money.

:scream:omg!!!:raised_hands::raised_hands: You misunderstood!!, I don’t mean it to be look like a bad thing, im really sorry for this. what i mean is that its unfriendly for those who want legendary for a start, i actually like the overall performance of this game. Im really sorry for this, english is not my first language and sometimes, i use google translate. Its a little hard for me to construct proper english sentence. I don’t mean to insult the game.

Peace to everyone!!!:v::v:

My bad. It’s that most new players come on the forum just to cry because they’re not in the top 10 or they because they haven’t got 20 legends after playing for A month.

When I read those I think about the first months of this game and I’m like, man they have it easy. 

Thing is its a double edged sword. When I started you could time the egg roll to get a legend every 2 or 3 rolls ish. Thing is with the exception of the autopoisoners and maybe nightrider most of those legends are obsolete. The newer ones are just ever more powerful. So having a lot of legends doesn’t always help. I managed to get hold of bane relatively recently but without it is doubt I’d be anywhere near top ten rank.
Not that I’m whining, it’s just a common misconception I feel, that more legends = better. It’s only certain legends nowadays.

An option where you can pay a few gems to increase your chance of legendaries & super epics by 1%

Or pay for a leg!!! I can live with a legendary cost 15 bucks.

Ya guys I think intro could be skipped