Skeleton Dragon?

Recently i have seen a small dragon-like skeleton Arkadian somewhere in the first region. I saw it somewhat frequently, so i got picky and waited to find a B rank or higher. Problem now is, i completely forgot where in the region i found them. Ive seen other topics concerning the skullrex, so im assuming thats what i saw, but they’re in areas i haven’t unlocked yet. Has anyone else seen/caught this Ardkadian?

SkullRex( Skeleton with wings, fusion for PlasmoRex) Northern tip of Crescent Island
ThickSkull (Skeleton with no wings, high attack)
Found in the forest south/southwest of Windon

Most likely you saw Thickskull, being its early in the game, like you said.

Aaaah thank you sir/mam

Found a bunch immediately! 

Well, aren’t you lucky! ^-^