Monster locations needed

So I need the Location of Skull Rex, and I need the appearence rate (rare or not). Also please tell me where to find Voltiger ( lower evolutions) Also if you could, i need the location of that Earth dinosaur, geosauros or something. Thanks!

I fixed your posts. Remember that there is an edit button to the bottom right of your post for just such occasions :wink:

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with the monster locations as I can’t remember them off the top of my head at the moment but I’ll let you know if I recall them unless someone else can give you answers.

Ahh, never realized that! Thanks for your assistance tho

Skullrex is at the northern tip of the north forest on Crescent Island or in Ryudou Cave west of batek

Voltyke is by the River East of Malden

Rexy is found to the south west of Ergan, West of the cave

Ok Thanks for your help Deadpool

No. 124 flamogaru?

Yes, it is. It’s in Karad Cave, northeast of Earun.

Ty kookaset

Where i can find the other need for gremknight the bird monster

You should be able to find its first evo (called squirehawk) northwest of Windon, in the mountains and near the coast.