Since when was Pawpatrol renamed?


Just noticed in the monsterdex that Pawpatrol was now named Grizzleguard. I guess they got a copyright infringement by Nick Jr. Lmao


Nice catch.

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I asked about this in PM and thats the answer I got lol.


They should have renamed him Papa Troll.

I like the names devs give to monsters. I asked for a cool Mecha monster styled like “Gundam” instead they give me a cool Mecha monster that isn’t styled like Gundam but they call it “Bundam” :joy:

Lol The Devs are pretty cool they got a sense of humour. That one should be safe from any copyright infringement at least. I guess it was destiny I got it.


Mr.X they changed it to Mr.Bun

Don’t scare me like that.

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