Since Lector is confirmed malicious, we have Rina for puzzle arena.


Well… is this a surprise for everyone or just me??
Btw… recently, arena puzzle just come out and we have Rina the neko-girl(?) As the new host for it. I mean, it makes sense since we have lector being malicious for what, since Xmas 2017- Spring 2018(cit. Needed)? We might aswell have a new host for the arena.

Thanks for the time to read this short rant.


Rina hosted last puzzle arena as well ! Did u miss it ?


Oh… must’ve missed the first one then. Maybe lock this, or…


We could use it as feedback for the event this time?

@Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC
Last time the difficulty was perfect. This time it felt like a joke to me. Second battle was literally just hit assisted hit all 2-3 times??? We’ve had a lot of last bite battles like these and I was expecting something clever but you didn’t even need setup for them just basically accelerate then last bite for the win. I hope next time things can be a little more thought provoking.


They could invite ideas for puzzle arena . Give gem rewards to the player if the idea is used .
@Dev_BRD .

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I’d agree on that… wished it would have higher difficulty forward. This entire part it just a flanderized version of the previous stage one of the lector’s challenge.