Puzzle Arena 29/10/2019 - 5/11/2019

I guess there is not much say about the first two being straight with prevention of continous last bite. However, i can say master difficulty have some restrictions and abilities to be reminded.

-Deus EX’s skip ban have prevented skip after using ziberius’s cannibalize. So try killing Barkmail to prevent measures
-FocalForce’s AOW(Auto-Overwatch) preventing AoEs
-Blacktitan’s straggler’s doom & Onigeist, and saberspark stun lock

I think that is about how much I’m willing to spoil.

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All three puzzles are about entrance control. I really like their design, even if they come naturally to the veterans (did them each first try myself and I have no doubt many others here did too).

It seems the Devs have been using the puzzle arena as a fun space to teach newer players some of the more intricate workings of the game mechanics. I love this, but part of me does wish each of the puzzles were added permanently into the game as a kind of “advanced training dojo” unlocked at hero rank 50.

I think it would be an amazing addition for getting people to learn how to play the game well. However, would probably be a nightmare in the long run as changes come to the monsters and the puzzles would need tweaking/altering.


Yeah…just finish them…the 3rd one took me 3-4 time to pass it but its all about switches!!the other two was a joke i guess!!

Could someone tell me how to beat the master puzzle? I can kill the 3/4 of the enemies but I can never beat the 4th and it’s been 30~ runs to no avail so it’s failure not from lack of trying.

Got the third on second try after rereading what all my team of mons do. Onigeist is pretty amazing!

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I can see that being the case. It’s a fun challange for rookies and a good reminder for veterans. And speaking of which… kinda screwed up on the third one for the winning run but i can make my team TUs low enough to not get hit by Blacktitan.

Also… Onigeist is lit and hell at the same time

Also staff, please lock this thread as soon as the event ended. For now, let it be.

I like what they’ve done here, i’m 91 days in the game so I’m still learning techniques and styles.
The first two took me a couple of goes but the 3rd one has got me well and truly stumped!
Anyone give us a hint of how we want to approach the battle?
I don’t want to know how to beat it as I’m enjoying learning, just good to with a friendly nudge in the right direction

Find a way to abuse your Entrance passives.

Can u please give us a answer, i tried many times i could not defeat master and i couldn’t find the solution in the Internet

You need to cannibalize your timberlord first.

I completely forgot cannibalising payback revenge would do that, so i setup so that the moon thingy fast strikes timber for 1 of them to die

Thanks but after that what do i di

I did this .
Cannibalise on the holy wolf
Avenge summon
Soul summon that tiger Mon
Then devour heal
Then dream hunt on one moon mythic
Then start soul summoning on the yeti .

I beat the last one by canabalising timberlord. Got sick of that avenge summon devour crap. I just needed to be Careful who I switched and sent back and when.

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Yeah it took me a few dozen times longer to do the last one lol but try cannibalizing timberlord first and then getting three more kills with retreat, soul summon, and switch friend respecrively. Make sure to use dream hunt with onigeist sometimes so that the onigo dies to poison so you can soul summon again. Sorry if this is giving away too much but this probably isn’t even the best way to do it.

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I tried so many times but finally had success when the enemy killed Timber and his revenge got Deus X and I could skip.

Cannibalizing Timber and abusing Black Titans entrance passive with Oni, as far as I know, is the only true way to do it. You can make it work hoping on Timber to DR Skip Ban but that’s RNG so up to you…

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When I was cannibalizing timber, it was impossible for it to hit Deus x. I tried it a few dozen times so it would have to be around a 0.0001% chance to not hit it by then.

You’ve misunderstood. The thing that gets you the kill is Blacktitan’s entrance passive. It kills the monster which has most seconds. And Deus has lowest on enemy team at the start of the battle.