Showdown at Old Corrolan Help: B3 specifically

I’m starting to get really annoyed with these “puzzle” fights. The AI does not always follow the same pattern and that will most likely cause a bust and waste of tickets (which are too slow to recharge compared to the cost of EVERY encounter).

I’ve watched the videos and, sadly, the community (here and Reddit) is either too small to keep everything updated, has no interest in doing so, or a combination of both. Battle 3’s AI has been buffed and all videos are relatively obsolete. For example, in the most recent video that I could find from November, Bergback is able to kill all four on his turn. Not anymore.

I’ve tried numerous wasted attempts and different strategies but always die to Slayer. Wasted 40 tickets in attempts over past hour. I would understand more if failure revolves around me not having a strong enough team but, in the case of this event, the team is out of my control.

As a returning but still very new player, the frustrations with the various issues, some QoL, some poor design, some bad coding, are beginning to outweigh the enjoyment of the game and I want to continue enjoying it. The support team is great. There is an overwhelming amount of content. I feel as a community we should continually be updating and informing each other with proper strategies so we all succeed. But maybe I’m wrong.

So if anyone has advice on the fights as of recently and not the outdated methods, I’m all ears. I just don’t have tickets to continually waste nor the whale funds to bypass failure with continued attempts.

Thank you for reading.

I will be free in two days, if I remember I will record me fighting the level for you and hopefully I can beat it myself since I beated it along time ago

If you do, much appreciated.

I think Lochi beat it.

go to youtube and type NMA LOCHI and watch his video of beating it.

Hmmm. . . doesn’t look like that’s the one he was talking about.

Jamalj50, I’ve linked above in my post the most recent video of Battle 3 that I could find on YouTube. The video you posted is battle 2.

Oo I’m sorry :neutral_face:

I need a Resolution from battle 3 too! Easter lot of gem and ticket (much more than 40!)