Showdown at Old Corrolan battle 5 problem

Hey I was trying out the Ben version of battle 5 a few times and having trouble. I haven’t tried out all the possible options but it seems like this battle is a lot harder than it’s meant to be, maybe impossible?

After a few tries I just checked out YouTube for someone completing it a year ago and I noticed something which makes a VERY BIG difference… the enemy Viridizardon used Accelerate Team instead of the Ultraquake as it always does with me. Since last year the AI has had an upgrade and I think this may have changed the way this fight plays out. Previously, monsters like Viridizardon would always use Accelerate Team as the first thing whereas now it will look at the current situation and, I guess, pick to use Ultraquake because it can kill one of your monsters on the field. This means you can’t pull back The Penguinator to remove the poison nor can you get a stun revenge happening later on in the fight.

Can anyone else think of a reliable way to do this battle in the way it currently is? If it’s simply down to luck with what the Viridizardon does then maybe it needs a fix from the Devs.

play as abe its easy i guess

Haha yeah I know the Abe fight is pretty easy :slight_smile:

Passed Ben twice and Abe 0 times, but now I realized Abe is easier if finding out the way.

There is a way to beat it even if he uses accelerate team. In both case you can beat it

From what I can tell, accelerate team is the way you can beat it and Ultraquake is the way you can’t. If you know how you can even when the monster uses Ultraquake I’d love to know.

yes I made a mistake. Look let flamie kill the monster who came then time strike him. Then slayerban everyone in your team will be stunned except the holy type one (forgot his name. ) then give turn to peng desbirate bite bane then godreather then the last two ounces

I found the Ben fight easier. Gotta use slayerbane all early to wipe out the leviapedo