Help in beating Abe

I’m stuck on steel forged vengeance and I don’t get a chance to attack til my last four monsters I keep getting stun bombed and idk what to do

Use stun protection

Also what is his team

It’s a preset battle, the Showdown at Old Corrolan.

@Inacio_Porsche Have you tried looking up the battles on YouTube? They’ve changed a bit over time, but there’s probably good displays of how to do it on there.

I’ve tried but no videos show up for me besides some scam sites

It’s part of the showdown at corrolan can’t use stun protection cause it’s a preset team but the team they give me never gets a chance to attack

Strange, I find a bunch of different options. Here’s one from someone who puts out lots of useful YouTube videos (another person from this forum).

Does the technique shown in this video work for you? If not, I’ll take a look at the battle. Maybe the recent change to stun bomb (200s stun → 150s stun) changed the battle.

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So I looked at that video and it doesn’t help me much cause when I start steel forged vengeance it starts me off with Musharoo and I get stun bombed til the last four monsters of the team they give you I can’t win

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It’s a pre-arranged battle. You can win, it has nothing to do with the monsters you own.

I don’t see where the problem could be. Skip to 5:52 of the video. Does the battle end up looking like this when you get a turn? The video shows clearly how to win it from there (overwatch → give turn → slayerbane all and then a mixture of overwatch and desperate bite to kill the remaining monsters).

If the Volcamus uses gigablaze rather than stealth right before 5:52 then your Aegisdragon is dead but that doesn’t matter because you only need the Aegisdragon to remove the stealth from it anyway.

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I can remember, when I did that battle, the monsters and/or their moveset was different than any video available at that time.

I managed it by luck after 20+ tries.