Sharing Accounts and Other Such Things

Please continue to discuss that here. @TOG_Awadecoco has had enough


Just to be clear, this is not what is happening. Otherwise they could share the accounts and play only during unranked so players who don’t own a bunch of mythics could have fun (I’d certainly love to try a bunch of awakened mythics during unranked).

The difference is that the account sharing is done specifically during ranked pvp which affects all the players who use their own accounts and want to get high rankings. This would fall under the category of gaining a huge advantage in the leaderboards since the actual owner isn’t even playing.

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Which I consider unfair, as mentioned during that same comment. The reason that I stated this is that some people here seem to be actually doing that, or at least believe that that is what is happening, and I wanted to be clear that I don’t take issue with that.

Thanks for moving you post btw

You are wrong it was during unranked too. If you were still a part of the clan maybe we would.

Some of people who are convicted without evidence are actually guilty. Should we abolish proof standards?

Some people love throwing out baseless accusations I guess.

I’ll admit that was a bit extreme, but you get my point. SOME of your account sharing being innocent does not justify even the smallest amount of using it to your advantage

The advantage argument is ridiculous we don’t need any help.

With perfect timing, you could be PvPing 24/7 for the entire season. That seems like a pretty big advantage over normal solo player who max out a 16 hours a day even without breaks

Tell that to the people using shared accounts during ranked. I wonder what placements they’d be getting if they used their own accounts. I think that sounds like a huge advantage to me. This isn’t speculation. You guys do this season after season for everyone to see.

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If that was the intent then yes you have a point but it wasn’t so people are just speculating cuz they’re mad. Y’all take this s*** way too seriously It’s a freaking game.

All things considered, I’m going to go with the facts on this one. The devs have logs of account transfers and PvP battles. They have warned at least one member of DMG for account tranferring to gain an advantage in PvP. That seems like undeniable evidence that SOMETHING sketchy is going on

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Cool you’re entitled to your opinion. Also that person is not sharing their account.

Whose account are you using?

I edited my first post to say “Otherwise they could share the accounts and play only during unranked so players who don’t own a bunch of mythics could have fun.”

Now it is factually correct and my point still stands. I remember one time I used Broly’s account because it had a bunch of monsters I didn’t own. This gave me a huge advantage because his collection was a lot better than mine at the time. I stopped playing around on his account before unranked ended and it didn’t affect anyone during ranked.

Based on your own standards, there is nothing wrong with what I did. Now compare that to what happens with Daniel’s account which gets passed around from player to player to use during ranked pvp to get on the leaderboards each season.


You, too! Thanks for understanding how opinions work!

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My own. The last time someone else logged onto my account for any purpose was over a year ago and they used it for literally one day. I’m not passing it around to three different players so they can grind during ranked in my place when I don’t feel like it.

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It’s not your account though try lying to people who don’t know the history.

If someone gives you a car and severs all ties with it, can they come back over a year later and say it’s still their car? I don’t think so.

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Buuuuuuuut it’s not your account though you’re benefiting from someone else’s hard work yet come on here and try to demonize others the hypocrisy.