Share your twin legend teams

Show off your team building skills, and get some ideas from others. So far it’s been a really interesting pvp and I’m curious as to what legends people are opting for. 

If you’re worried about people stealing your ideas then just don’t post. Or post something you can beat and hope other people copy it :wink:

This is what I’ve been using so far. I’ve done a lot of messing about with atra/auro cores but in this PvP there’s very few ways to deal with it, especially if you can catch out the legends early. 


I have tried a necro - stun combo, but it was awefull :thinking: really hard set up with only 2 legends.

Without decent give turners it’s not worth it, I tried something similar but it’s just too inconsistent

A lot of blitzkrieg fl this pvp with kong, galv, cyclo, robin, shadow or sear.
So far the most annoying legends were auro, reven.
My team:

My team

every single frontline looks the same :joy:

Auro-frontline :smiley:

Actually my FL is quite similar to the lineup I have already used the last 5 pvp. Only exchanged rexo with the djinn, as there aren’t that many TT-FL this time and we are only allowed to use 2 legends.
Chromera is a beast in the endgame and secured some nice comebacks for me when supported by stun bombers and give turn.

Using shadow/loch combo atm
Works pretty good…people just leave… I only finished 1 batlle so far

I use Raizen and Reven :ph34r:

sneaky VKC using damn good legends

Fl… lord, tt, vulca, abyss, steam, se protecots, robin, se protector, sear, stun stun chrome se protector, tt, galv, idk

So how about a team that does not use a freakin’ Robin (FML) :huh:  :P 


I don’t use robin as don’t have him
Team is not great

I use two nox in fl.

so you can really use both in teams?

Dang, I need to try that.


Wait, so can you literally just have a team of Noxdragons?

Naah. I’m being trolled. I can feel it.

It’s because when the SS is unlocked it’s basically considered a different monster. So you can run two if one has SS and one doesn’t.