About pvp and uc winning rate ranking

I 'd like to know what kind of winning rate pvp first place needs, and whether uc first place has maintained a 100% winning rate?

it doesn’t work like that , in the end the win rate only works if u playing all games serious, also I can have 100% of win rate with the team but still lost for DC so is just a number

here is my first top 1, only 80% win rate which is a lot but I’d say that u need more playing all games serious

This is the season I almost stole Rag place, tbh i deserved that top 1 but well lmao

This is one of the two times I lost the top 1 for disconnects , look the win rate

Lmfao almost 90% ,. Idk why this makes me sad now :rofl:

most UC top 1s need 100% winrate recently.

You are too good. Thank you for your answer. It is very helpful to me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

这太难了 :sweat_smile:


What teams are you using?