Share your PvE stories!

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Thanks for the help, my hero rank is above 280 and I have most of the monsters you showed me. I will begin to put the knowledge received into practice. :pray:


If you want a really strong pve auto team (for mbq 100+) then i highly recommend hazuki + auro + some death revenge monsters (hanzo and cosmo are my go to atm), followed by torrentide (the most perfect pve monster ever), tene + reindeer, and brynhildr on last slot. The remaining 8 slots need to be used for types such as angelic, plant, etc.

I would say Hazuki is one of the best monsters in pve generally because of the high damage output and also tanky + has 2 lives. If you can abuse this with auro then you might get 4 hazukis in total which is nuts. I had Carmilla in the team previously, but removed it due to becoming a little too lackluster. Death revenge is nice but I don’t think she beats what hazuki has to offer- (Bloodbite needs 2 kills to deal lethal damage, AI uses confident strike too much). The clone spam with auro is self explanatory, just brute forcing your way through everything, and bryn is like a bazooka, kills everything.

When making a auto team you have to find the best combination of movesets which AI actually can use properly, this is why mortar teams are so nice with AI since they have very little options: load or unload mortar, simple and very hard to use wrong. Same goes to hazuki vs Carmilla, the confident strike really makes Carmilla a worse AI monster, whereas Hazuki has most of the time good moves (It sometimes prioritizes vengeance over bloodcrush). The clone monsters mentioned above also fall under the “easy for AI to use”, but they do struggle sometimes. But, they are all pain in the ■■■ to kill off, and torrentide can beat a team of 100 monsters if the enemy team doesn’t have a single 1 target move which is just amazing!

(This is mainly for the higher buff levels. In mid tier buffs the mortar team is much stronger than this)


Thank you very much for the advice, I am already putting it into practice.
Regarding the mortar monsters, I have noticed an error that did not occur before, it is Tricranium and Blomeluga, when the AI ​​only has one monster left and it has camouflage, Tricranium and Blomeluga continue loading mortars every turn they have, I don’t know if this happens with other monsters, but before the update it didn’t happen to me.

Have you guys noticed that AI attacks target your clones first? I think they’ve made some changes on it. When I create clones with Tenebris they always kill the clone first.

Yeah. They often also target Aurodragon in the FL. AI leaves it alive for longer when it enters later in the fight.

This should even affect the PVE tier list lol

Took exactly 1 try with the same team as the previous one. 31tu crescendo for the win :heart_eyes:

Keeping with those since I absolutely love this setup. Aethereon is clunky but with good support can shine.


Didn’t have time to play more so I thought, maybe this is enough for top 200. Turns out it was :joy:


Missed the entire first day of UC. (literally started exactly 24 hours after it began because I got the wrong day XD) and also was stopped from progressing for a few tickets at gatekeeper 700 because of connection issues. on top of that haven’t played for 5 months and some of my decisions showed that lol.

so on the whole it was a nice surprise to wake up this morning and find myself with a new badge!

Also here’s a picture of some Staticspheres and a Jerbor i encountered in UC because :heart:


This time, I was no-less for the first time.

I would like to introduce my team. This is my first time using Amityrant. He was useful because he would take out the opponent’s Voidress and so on.

The basic strategy of this team is introduced on Youtube, so if you are interested, please check it out.


bro im the one with that jerbor ig even tho i quit emi i still carry jerbor with me :joy: :joy:
got my first top 100 on UC


well done! ur team was v annoying XD

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This is my first time in UC. Thanks to @SHIKAOTOKO and @LDN_TiO_OoO I was able to make it through and made in top 50 :four_leaf_clover:


u are using Jerbo! team approved! :smiley:

That’s my pleasure :four_leaf_clover:

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I had fun spamming coretta chronotitan, noct and leira. The insta shield spam and dragging out 2 bomb curses worked so many times lmao

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congratulations brother, good job

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