Secret Skills: Noobie time with zard

So after seeing the jumble of the other Secret Skill thread, I’ve decided to create an officially pinned thread dedicated solely to discussing Secret Skill Ideas. I will start by listing some of the most talked about monsters, which I feel most players want secret skills for. This is not concrete, and others will be added over time.

For each monster, I want you to list skills you think will be good for them, and your reasoning to back up the idea. When a concise list is formed, we will be able to conduct polls to come up with something solid to give the Devs.

  1. Geomagus
  2. Aurodragon
  3. Rebel/Cosmo
  4. Cryokaiser/Sanctalion
  5. Warca/Blaziligon
  6. Oakchtulu
  7. Drakozord
  8. Rexotyrant/kamishogun
  9. Dolphoenix
  10. atrahasis
  11. bahamuzar
  12. polareon

Warca - Instant Conceal. Gives camouflage to target ally.

Bazilogon - Instant Vaccinate: Gives target monster poison immune.

Was thinking that the main problems for warca and bazilogon are the fact that poison blows stealth pretty badly. I wanted to seperate the two monsters in some way so they weren’t exact duplicates of each other. So camouflage for warca and poison immune for Bazilogon will solve this nicely while branching the two’s function. Warca can still be poisoned but is much harder to kill behind a protector, while the only way to reach bazilogon is through breaking his stealth. Which can take a lot of resources while behind a protector. These two skills would be in line with reducing the charge time on novablast to 300 secs to make it so they can actually get the skill off.

Warca’s ability could make some very sick defensive lines too. Imagine a camouflaged bane, or omegasdragon, or drakozord Z, or even aegisdragon. It would make it so there would be counter play to many different counters to lineups that render them ineffective.

And how about camouflaged doomengines? He would actually be viable all of the sudden as a sweeper. Either kill the new doomengine dupe or kill the one about to blow up. It would drastically effect the meta. Think about it. . .

Poison immune would be great for a lot of different monsters. Poison immune burnsalot, doomengine, Godfeather, Dragaia, Lunartic, Shivadragon, etc. . . It would help to cover a the weakness of a lot of different monsters. Bringing many other different strategies into the meta. Leogeist + Drakozord Z + Poison immune shivadragon protecting a Bazilogon anyone?

You could probably give instant vaccinate to oakthulu too as he is a poison monster that doesn’t like being poisoned. So remove the poison and he will be in a good spot. Another option is a multiple use instant purify.

Also you might want to stick kamishogun up there with rexotyrant.

I honestly think that rexo’s sudden death should be removed, he should gain double bloodthirst, and have stun pulse as a secret skill. That way he will be able to pick up a kill quickly and be able to start sweeping. Keep in mind that this gives the enemy about 280 seconds to kill him before he starts ripping your team apart. It also means that he will take an ocarino to bring him to his full potential. Also keep in mind that he is super squishy. Around as squishy as a shadowyrm.

Also, you mistyped Geomagnus. :slight_smile:

Give geomagnus for a secret skill the ability to instantly summon a death revenge auto protect monster in the place of one of your monsters(like The Saintfeather). His problem is his speed and inability to trade effectively. If you give him that ability then the should be in a fine place. Also probably give him a speed buff to about 70% ish.

Make aurodragon reincarnation revive things at full health. Then replace heal rearguard with an ability that costs 100 seconds that can make a teammate switch places. This way the guys who die while he is on the field don’t actually die and make his 33% proc rate acceptable. Then for a secret skill give him the ability to have a 100% chance to reincarnate the next monster that dies. Useable once per battle.

Awesome! How did you get the idea for this thread? Just kidding.
I think for some monsters we should wait for the update before discussing them.
Geomagnus should have something like cannibalize with 130TU so you could decide if you want to backstab or you need your monsters to be healed.

Dolpheonix should get double bloodthirst which can be used once with 130TU if not this then summon two roccoids(this spelling looks wrong lol) with 1TU which would make him the super supporter for kong e.g. stun three enemies and throw on the fourth

Some of your idea are way too powerful. Doomengine, shivadragon poison immune ? camouflage all would be broken I think.

  1. geomangus: element modification, change the enemy monsters to the earth type ( only the monsters on the field and effect stop if the monster leave the field). 30 sec cooldown for geo and one time use.
  2. aurodragon: revive all, for the next 150 sec all monsters that die (enemies and allies) have a 40% chance to be revive with 1 HP at the end of your team. 50 sec cooldown and one time use.
  3. nebel/cosmo: no idea
  4. cryokaiser/sanctalion: insta clone, replace one of your monster on the field with a cryokaizer or sanctallion at full health( the monsters who have been replaced die). 1 sec cooldown and one time use
  5. warca/baziligon: divine shield, for the next 100 sec warca/bazilogon won’t take any damage. 70 sec cooldown and one time use.
  6. oakchtulu: healht protection, for the next 150 sec all of your monsters ( on the field, if the monster leave the field he looses his statut ) cannot be affect by poison or sleep. 50 sec cooldown and one time use
  7. drakozord: no idea
  8. rexotyrant and kamishogun : overpowered, for the next 200 sec rexotyrant/ kamishogun gain the excessive force statut. 20 sec cooldown and one time use
  9. dolphoenix: double stun burst, stun two enemies for 150 sec. 50 sec cooldown and one time use                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Some of my ideas might be a bit too much so I look forward too your critics 

Got warca today in a single egg :slight_smile: i like the idea of camouflage has secret skill how about stun imunity too TT legends have it and they are by far better than warca…or maybe reduce novablast to 300sec
Assisted wave (all)
400sec novablast
Passive:stun imunity
Secret skill:camouflage team mate

Looks pretty reasonable for me

I’ll just carry my ideas over here.

For Aurodragon: ally revival- restores the last ally that died with 1hp at the back, one time use. Can fill in for reincarnation if it fails.
For Geomagnus: type switch all- changes all enemy’s elements to earth, so he can mop up with element eradicate. Or perhaps electric type for maximum impact.
For Drakozord Z: dual vaccination- selects two allies and prevents them from being poisoned.
For Cryokaizer and Sanctallion: instant ally type switch- changes the chosen ally’s type to water/holy respectively.
For Valzareign: instant shield plus- protects user from the next two attacks instead of one.

I think it would be fair to add atrahasis and bahamuzar to the list.

Polareon too then. Why not give him silent night? :slight_smile:

Hey I’d like to drop a few of my own ideas here:

  1. Geomagus - Something to bring out the true potential of backstab, of course. Maybe 1TU retribution?
  2. Aurodragon - Got nothin
  3. Rebel/Cosmo - Since every duplicate created will inherit the 5th skill, I’d give them a heavy-hitter attack on low cooldown (maybe desperate bite to grab their first heal?)
  4. Cryokaiser/Sanctalion - Refer to Rebel/Cosmo
  5. Warca/Blaziligon - Stun flash on low cooldown to allow the 400Sec to charge… or just wreak havoc with a stun.
  6. Oakchtulu - Got nothin
  7. Drakozord - Got nothin
  8. Rexotyrant - Excessive force would be nice, but I don’t know if we can give a passive as a Secret?
  9. Dolphoenix - Summon 2 Rockoids at end and fully heal, requires 200 TU on field.

For rexo and kamishogun why not just giving them the passive no secret skill it would make them really good sweeper.

on nebel/cosmo desperate bite wud be cool. At 50 tu one time use. With cyro and sanct though, they already have risky heal. Although risky heal is not that good at keeping the chain going, its still their way of sustaining. And no one will really put them at the end just because the dupe will be killed off right away. And if its in the fl then you are not wasting any time creating dupes. Your just using assisted. With warca and bazil hust adding stun will not justify them a spot in the line. They just dont really survive. Get rid of stealth. Whenever they use stealth I’m like “I know you are there, no need to hide. But I have a really long time before i have to deal with you so ill let you stay there for a while.” They desperately need a passive. I think every legendariy needs a passive besides goldtail. Same applies to rexo/kami and geo. Every legendary shud be built to get a turn. Whenther its roaring entrance to get a turn right away, or whether its some form of survivability, like hg or death revenge or high speed or high defense. With dolph you gotta get rid of either protect killer or aoe and add either bloodcrave/thirst/fury. Prob thirst. And his speed MUST go up, to like 70s 80s. he doesnt get a turn. Hes far too slow. If he gets a blood move then I can understand the summon 2 rocks. But def not at 200sec. Its not worth it. The game is way too fast to tolerate a 200tu move. Hes dead by the time he gets to 100(if hes not already dead by the time he gets his turn.) No legendary shud be an inferior version of a different legendary. Like talo/appolo to gallio/ultima. Or dolph to icefang. Icefang has just everthing that dolph has but better. With geo I think youre on to something. But id take away 1tu retribution and id replace it with either instant backstab or instant cannibalize. If not, then I think he neeeeeeeds a form of endurance. The problem with rexo and geo isnt necessarily their moveset, its the fact that they never get to use it. Timestrime+bloodfury is very powerful, but itll never be used. Monsters with low survivability shud live up to it. Like goldtail, you need to put a lot of focus on bringing him in safely because if you do then that will win you the match. So either make rexo and geo be able to take a few hits, or keep their survivability low and make them a reason why you shud build your team around them. Like if geo had instant backstab then that wud justify the low survival.

nevel/cosmo: reverant strike just like raven.

I didn’t say anything about a camouflage all. Just a camouflage single.

I know this isn’t about secret skill but it’s passive… It would be a shame if Geomagnus wont be stun immune

Thank you!
I was suggesting this since day one where he had only bloodcrave and was kind of disappointed after his buff

Sounds OP but i like it. Pair it with goldtail and you have an instant sleep lock. (Step back into purify healer)

Last biters: Instant Purify 1TU (single use) [when retreating isn’t an option]

Drakozord/Shivadragon: Overwatch 70TU (single/multiple use) [For desperate double/crescendo blast]

Auto Poisoners: Poison Drain 50-100TU (Single use) [or the special poison move Oakthulu has…]

Ziberius: Double Slayerbane 160-200TU (single use) [Lol i’m joking…]

Geomagnus: Instant Accelerate Team 1TU (Single use) [Though its speed needs to be increased for this to have maximum effect]

Nebel/Cosmo: (I agree with it having desperate bite)

Dolph: Timestrike all 100TU (Single use) [Decent damage after stun grenade]

Warca/Bazil: (Zard and Tyler made good points about them…)

Doomengine: Instant Shield teammate 1TU (Single use) [make it even more harder to kill…]

Aurodragon: Switch places teammate 50TU (single/multiple use) [Though Reincarnated mons need more hp…)

Cryo/Sanct: Rearguard heal 50-100TU (single/multiple use) [So they can heal their dupes or damaged knockbacked mons…]

Rexo/kamishogun: Instant stun pulse 1TU (single use) [For timestrike]

Astra: Retribution 160TU (single use) [works well with necromancy]

For Dolphoenix: immunity override- removes stun immunity, stun absorb or stun counter from the chosen enemy.
For Bahamuzar: double stun grenade- what it sounds like.
For Atrahasis: heal reinforcement- heals the first ally in queue.
For Oakthulhu: quick poison storm- poisons all enemies for 50 TU.
For Rexo/Kami: accelerate reinforcements- accelerates the first 4 allies in queue.
For Grovodeus: defense boost all- what it sounds like.
For Nebel/cosmo: twin knock back next- sends the next 2 enemies in queue to the back, 50 TU.
For Polareon: light attack(or whatever else you want to call it)- deals a tiny amount of damage, 1 TU. Ideal for finishing off gripped enemies.
For Warca/Bazil: instant accelerate- accelerates user. Good protection from timestrikers.
For Bovolcus: Stealth all- stealths everyone. Great way to pass the time while waiting for DMM.

Why would you give accelerate to warca and bazilogon of all monsters? They desperately need something else.

All these secret skills… that would be hard to handle …

In my opinion shouldn’t get every legendary a secret skill. That’s to much OP!

Deodragon as an example of OP, if he gets the first turn, just make secrets skill, while blowing the FL away or maybe the half of the FL. And you couldn’t do something